Approaching and overcoming obstacles at Uni

Studying isn’t always easy. We asked our alumni participants in the 2020 30 Minutes a Month program about how they overcame their study obstacles while at university.

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Taking a break is important

The biggest thing I learned from university was study does not and should not be rushed. It is absolutely fine to take your time completing study. Allowing yourself a proper break where you can really relax your body and mind and let the worries of study slip away for a while only allows for you to come back to study even stronger.

– Krystal Perger, Bachelor of Nursing 2016

I overcame my difficult periods of study by re-evaluating my priorities and reorganising my time. The biggest thing I learned from it is the importance of prioritising and not pushing myself hard all the time.

– Caitlin Crabbe, Bachelor of Digital Media 2018

‘Perseverance was the key to my success at university.’

I kept trying hard to get my head around the content and trying to understand it. I had to prioritise some subjects and dedicate more time to it than others.

The biggest thing I learned from my experience is to ask for help from those around you. I could have made more use of the lecturer, other students, or even a tutor to help me out. Luckily, I just scraped through and passed the final assignment!

– Luke Giles, Bachelor of Health Promotion, 2010

Anticipate the challenges

Planning my studies and engaging with the university helped me succeed. I frequently travelled while studying which presented an extra challenge for me. I advised the course coordinator of my travel requirements while I was studying, and they provided me with access to all materials in a timely manner. This ensured I could ‘get set’ before each trip and was prepared for each module as we worked through the semester.

The biggest thing I learned from my experience is to be prepared and communicate early. This ensured there were no ‘last minute’ surprises.

– Michael Lane, Graduate Diploma of Management 2015 & Graduate Certificate in Management 2014

‘Remember the end goal and why you are studying.’

Remember your goal

Making sure I knew when things were due and that had it on my fridge to remind me was important to me. The biggest thing I learned from university is to make sure you remember the end goal and why you are studying. This is important to make sure you know the hard work is worthwhile.

– Peta Bosomworth, Bachelor of Education 2000

Embrace challenges

I overcame a difficult maths course at university by flipping my thinking from maths to an opportunity to be curious and find out how these skills could support me to complete my own research (skills that came in very handy when completing my thesis!).

I could have easily walked away from the discipline because of a personal block that I created towards maths. Changing the way that I looked at the subject ensured that I successfully completed the subject and went on to get a distinction for my thesis. After that, I felt like I could do anything!

– Tanya O’Shea, Bachelor of Psychology 2011 & Master of Business Administration 2016

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