Every day is a lesson — discovering myself and capabilities

Hello, my name is Aesha and I come from India. My study journey started from getting a visa grant to landing in the liveliest city in the world: Melbourne.

Being an international student in Australia has been — and will continue to be — a lifelong learning experience. It has not only brought opportunities for me to extend beyond my horizons and enhance my qualification but I have also made some good friends.

MCG football game

Every moment I am here is a lesson in itself because it has made me stronger, confident about my instincts, beliefs and self-esteem level.

Studying at CQUniversity and my circle of support

I completed my bachelor in Computer Engineering back home and I am currently studying a Master of Information Systems at CQUniversity.

I’ve deviated from the Information Technology sector a bit as I’ve discovered I’m not a programming person. I have become more interested in handling the business aspects of any IT in the non IT sector. My goal is to become a successful Business Analyst.

CQUni is not only offering me quality education but provides me a huge circle of people who are always there to take care and solve any problems like it’s a matter of their own.

I have received tremendous help and support from this tunnel of people who are the professors or admin staffs who are always ready to serve.

Getting involved in uni and campus life

Living in Melbourne would have become harder for me if I didn’t involve myself in non-academic activities that are always running at the CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

These include welcoming new international students as a university staff, helping them enrol, arranging international student get-together’s at Network Bar as an event staff.

We had a tremendous trivia night conducted by CQUni in collaboration with study Melbourne at El Coco Bar. Take a look:

Other activities I have enjoyed during the terms include a one day trek to the Grampians during summer, and enjoying the white winter at the snow to Mt. Buller. After every hectic semester we have a stress buster end of term party!

I have always tried my best to remain involved in university life and have arranged activities to never feel isolated and to make friends.

I have made friends from Germany who were here for CQUni’s Student Exchange program and attended the farewell celebration of the former Vice Chancellor Mr Scott Bowman.

My family is physically my parents but mentally it’s also my friends at CQUniversity and in Melbourne. I would not take a second to admit that I have pretty much made Australia a home.

CQUni had offered me a lot, whether it’s the qualitative education I pursue and the friends I call family.

However, the most important opportunity CQUni has given me is to show my skills and capabilities, not only as a student but also in different staff profiles, whether it be as assisting at enrolment and events or volunteering as an international student ambassador.

I have always been amongst those groups of people who takes the initiative so that others can see and follow them.

Living in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has played an unforgettable role in my life by giving me the kind of experience I always desired.

Being from the cultural land of India, I always felt though I missed a piece of western ethics and wellbeing. This city has managed to provide me a balance of both cultures in my life: Indian and western (Australian) culture.

The city has a divergent culture and a wide range of communities to learn from. It welcomes international students like it’s their home, which I had heard from a lot of people who have studied here before.

No matter if it’s celebrating the Indian Independence Day, the Festival of Colours “Holy”, or the Festival of Lights “Diwali”, it has the same essence of celebration like I belong.

Living far away from home is never easy. I always miss the affectionate love of my parents and hanging out with my siblings and cousins. But that was a dependent life I lead. Being here, I do not feel alone or that I am thousands of miles away from my parents. The city has treated me right.

Taking one for the team at the Vice Chancellor’s Cup

The Vice Chancellor’s Cup takes place each year at the Rockhampton campus, and I was selected to be part of the Melbourne team!

This event allows students from different campuses to come together and spend time by playing sports, sharing meals, ceremonies and of course parties — the best form of networking!

The Rockhampton campus blew me away. We were greeted to kangaroos on campus, Nala the Student Residence dog, tropical waterfalls and beautiful grounds, tennis courts, volleyball courts, swimming pool, gym…I could go on and on.

We played three different sports: basketball, soccer and touch football. The most interesting sport to me was touch football, as I had never played or heard about it before and it was such fun.

As a team we also enjoyed playing soccer, another first for me — but I did stop the ball with my hands!

It was astounding, the Melbourne team became the finalists for the basketball match, standing in second position.

The overall experience was mesmerising and something that touched my heart with a new place, new friends and new experiences. I have so so many memories, which I know will stay with me forever.

A day for women — Future Female Conference

I received an opportunity in September to attend the very first Future Female conference for international students conducted by Study Melbourne and sponsored by CQuniversity at the iconic Arts Centre.

This was an extravagant experience to be part of and a great initiative for students/women like me.

After attending this conference and meeting many empowered women like Div Pilay, Jamila Rizvi, Daizy Mann, Sugandha Deshpande, I felt and understood that I am not the only woman who has faced problems so far in my career.

There are others like me too. However, every experience is itself a learning.

It was all about women that day. I felt so empowered and confident to do something great in life, which motivates and a best way for networking as well.

Eyes and heart open

I have always believed in being an independent woman. I want to take care of myself and my needs without the help of my family or husband. Here in Australia I am totally living via my own earnt expense, which is satisfying and I enjoy it.

This is a reason why I always wanted to study abroad — to discover my worth. I am looking forward to furthering my journey here in this beautiful country. I know that I have seen nothing until now so I keep my eyes and heart open to embrace whatever this prosperous country has to offer.

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