7 Ways you can win the war against procrastination

At one time or another we all procrastinate. Some people are able to nip this time-waster in the bud before it gets out of control, while some of us are Olympic- level dawdlers.

If you’d like to know how to get your procrastination in check (or if you have an assignment to write and you’re looking for a distraction), the Academic Learning Centre is here to help.

Read on for our seven ways to win the war against procrastination…

1. Acknowledge it

If you find yourself suddenly spring-cleaning, doing that thing you’ve been meaning to do for years, or learning how to use a chainsaw to chop down a tree that’s been bugging you (true story), you’re procrastinating. Once you admit it to yourself, you can do something about it!


2. Stop looking for perfection

If you are telling yourself that now isn’t the perfect time to start, the truth is there may never be a perfect time. Being a perfectionist very rarely leads to perfection.


3. Focus on one challenge at a time

Prioritise and organise your work according to due dates and what requires most of your attention. Break each assignment down into smaller, more manageable tasks and set yourself a schedule.


4. Figure out what works for you

There’s a lot of advice out there to tell you how to be a successful student, but nothing will ever replace understanding your natural attributes and how they can be used to your advantage.


5. Balance work and fun

Craving a distraction is inevitable if you don’t set yourself a realistic schedule that includes downtime. Be sure to allow yourself time to do something relaxing and fun. Balance is very important.


6. Just start!

Even if you commit to 10 minutes, just starting is often enough to sweep away those mental cobwebs. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, get going and you’ll often find inspiration follows.


7. Ask for help

Request a one-on-one appointment with the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) either in person, over the phone or online via Zoom. For extra help getting on top of procrastination, visit the ALC Moodle site and access our resources and upcoming workshops.


Wishing you an action-packed week,
The ALC team

Mae Swarbrick (https://cqunilife.com)

Mae Swarbrick is a current student, studying part-time in the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, and working full-time as Student Communications Officer. Mae's ongoing experience as a current student is invaluable in her role as leader of the Student Communications team. Combine this with practical experience in the call centre, Admissions and Student Communications teams, and she’s ready to share some first-rate uni hacks for new students. Follow Mae on #How2Uni.

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