Capricornia College – The place I call ‘Home’

Coming to a new country to pursue my Master of Engineering was a challenging and emotional decision. I had to leave my parents and near-and-dear ones and come to a completely new place, but when I landed on 28th February 2019 at the Rockhampton airport, the love and care I received was so comforting. It still brings a happy tear to my eye.

Capricornia College (the CQUniversity Rockhampton student residence) welcomed me upon arrival. I immediately became a member of the ‘family’ and Cap College quickly became my home.

My new college mates are from all over the world, from countries like Australia, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan and Sri Lanka which makes Cap College a true multicultural community.

My mates from the Cap College.

Life is better on campus

Residing at the Cap College has a lot of perks. Staying in close proximity to campus, you can easily access the University and its facilities like the Library and computer labs. Some facilities are even available 24 hours, 7 days of the week. Another perk is meeting people from all across the globe and making lifelong connections. There are also various ‘earn while learn’ job opportunities at the college which help you to meet your student expenses and develop your skills and experience.

Cap College facilities

Facilities at the Cap College are great for student life. The common rooms are the perfect places to hangout with friends and chat for long hours. Along with accommodation, there are heaps of other facilities which make life at university more enjoyable, from the academic study room to the JCR (the place we party) and the cinema hall with free Foxtel connection. There is a plethora of games in the recreation room, with Xbox too, to help you relax and chill after some stressful university work.

One of the biggest hurdles of studying is trying to balance your academic work with the time you need to devote to cooking, shopping, etc. At the Cap College, we have the most friendly kitchen staff who take care of our meals and other dietary requirements too.

Nala the Capricornia College companion dog.

Introducing me to Nala, the Cap College companion dog, was the biggest gift the staff could give. She is the most jovial creature around and keeps us all happy.

Overall, my entire experience staying at Cap College has been so rewarding and I’m looking forward to making more beautiful memories as I complete my studies.

CQUniversity offers student residences in Rockhampton and Mackay. Find out more about the Capricornia College or the Canefield College today.

Jeet Mukherjee is a current Master of Engineering student and member of the Social Squad – a group of content creators helping to promote student and campus life at CQUniversity.

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