A scholarship made all the difference

A CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship helped Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduate Casey Pomeroy complete required placement while studying, and enabled her to provide physiotherapy to disadvantaged children living with disability.

As part of her physiotherapy degree, Casey was required to complete 25 weeks of clinical placement. Clinical placements – often unpaid – are common requirements for students to undertake as part of their course, particularly in health-related fields.

Scholarship support can make a huge difference in these times, giving students the help they need to juggle study, work and clinical placements.

Casey’s scholarship – made possible by valuable donor support – meant she could undertake a volunteer clinical placement in Vietnam, providing physiotherapy to children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this important health service – and she speaks highly of this opportunity.

“I was given the opportunity to work in orphanages, charity clinics, schools and rural villages with some amazing disabled kids and have the chance to make a real difference to their lives.”

“A lot of the children we were seeing only had access to physiotherapy through volunteer professionals.”

The impact of the CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship is far greater than just immediate financial support; it allowed Casey to complete her placement and provided an integral foundation to her degree and career.

With the help of the CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship, Casey was able to complete this placement, has now graduated and is working as a physiotherapist in Redcliffe.

The CQUniCares Annual Appeal runs from 9-20 September 2019, fundraising to support students through CQUniCares Emergency Grants and CQUniCares Scholarships.

If you’d like to help students overcome financial barriers, and help them start or continue their qualification, please consider making a donation to the appeal.

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