2019 International Student Leaders Forum

As a Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador and a CQUniversity Student Representative Council Member, I was invited to attend the 2019 International Student Leaders Forum and 2019 International Student Leaders Meet Parliament Event in August. 

During these events, I had the incredible opportunity to meet a variety of like-minded students, develop networks with parliamentary members, and gain extensive knowledge on global talent, global skills, and global workforce.

My fellow CQUni representatives (Left to right): Jeet Mukherjee, Eunice Eva and Dale Neville.

From this incredible experience, I took multiple detailed notes from public, private, and global employers, that will assist students to gain employment upon graduation.

I learnt that employers are searching for employees that will not only excel in their jobs, but will also be the right fit for their company. This includes:

  • Engaging in conversations
  • Being collaborative
  • Having humility
  • Having a variety of skill sets different to those of everyone else 
  • Students who are brave and embrace their culture and heritage.
Work-shopping ideas at the 2019 International Student Leaders Forum.

I also discovered that employers view university degrees as ‘Lived Experiences’. The experiences that you gain from completing your degree, are often far more valuable than the degree itself.

“Education is a lived experience that gives you the opportunity to continue the journey of learning” 

University learning gives us the opportunity to develop great skills such as:

  • Mindsets 
  • Values
  • How to sell yourself 
  • Career adaptability
  • How to prepare for future jobs
  • How to communicate/listen and constantly build new relationship skills.
Teamwork at the 2019 International Student Leaders Forum.

Looking for ways to enhance your skills? The upcoming 3-day Student Leadership Conference at Rockhampton North campus is another incredible opportunity. Registrations are open now.

Jasmine Mitchell is a current Diploma of Nursing student and member of the Social Squad – a group of content creators helping to promote student and campus life at CQUniversity.

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