PASS your unit with peer assistance

So, you want to develop smarter study skills, gain a deeper understanding of your course unit and create connections with other students…

Look no further – CQUniversity’s Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are the answer.

The PASS initiative provides weekly, out of class, informal sessions for supported units either on campus or online and each session is facilitated by a PASS leader – a student who has recently achieved excellent grades in the nominated unit and has undergone nationally accredited training.

CQUniversity Bachelor of Nursing student Rhiannon Harmsworth, who was supported by PASS while enrolled in the BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology unit, shares her positive experiences.


Why did you decide to seek the support of PASS?
I was highly encouraged by my Unit Coordinator, as well as other students who had previously participated.

What were the main reasons you continued attending PASS?
The relaxed learning atmosphere PASS provided allowed me to feel comfortable in speaking up and okay when I didn’t know an answer.

What have you changed about the way you study as a result of attending PASS?
I relate things to the real world now because it’s much easier to understand things when you can see it or imagine it being done in someone’s body. I also utilise the Quizlet website a lot more than I used to.

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How important did you feel the initiative was to your weekly study?
Throughout the unit, I would sometimes miss weekly unit content, however, PASS kept me accountable and allowed me to catch-up.

If you had at least one positive result from attending PASS, what would that be?
My PASS leader, Maddie, was able to explain unit content in a way that allowed for a deeper understanding. This is much more effective than watching weekly lectures and working through content on your own.

What are your thoughts about your PASS leader and how they ran the sessions?
I attended Maddie’s sessions and I cannot recommend her sessions enough. I had a few times where I was really overwhelmed by the content and Maddie took the time to speak with me and help me feel better. Maddie made the sessions fun, relaxed and enjoyable.


How would you describe PASS to students who haven’t attended before?
Each session offers a relaxed learning environment, where there is no right or wrong answer and no pressure to know or understand all aspects of the weekly content.

If you are enrolled online, tell us how you benefited from attending PASS?
It made me realise that I was not alone and that other people felt the same as I did most of the time.

Did participating in PASS build a sense of community among your fellow students?  If so, can you give an example of this?
I believe so. PASS made me feel as though I wasn’t alone in studying and how I was feeling. I remember there was a particular topic that we all disliked, but worked through together.

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Do you feel attending PASS regularly has impacted your results this term? If so, how much?
To be honest, I don’t think I would have passed my BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology unit if I hadn’t been supported by PASS. For example, during my exam, I was able to use the information learned during PASS to answer questions.

What are your overall thoughts about PASS as a free program offered to students?
The sessions are definitely worth attending and I 10/10 recommend it to all students enrolled in units that are supported by PASS.

If you believe your unit should be supported by PASS, please contact your Head of Course. For more information, or to register for PASS, click here.

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