The when and where of grades release

Term 1 has officially come to a close, and we are now eagerly awaiting Certification of Grades and the release of overall results. Term 1 2019 Certification of Grades will occur on Friday, 12 July 2019, and as always this will be a busy day for our student systems.

Here’s what happens at Certification of Grades…

The waiting game…

In the lead up to Certification of Grades, staff will be working to ensure that all students receive their grades as soon as possible. However, don’t panic if one or more grades are not available immediately. Wait until the following Monday and if a grade is still unavailable, contact us and we will look into it for you.


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How do I access my grades?

To view your grades in MyCQU, visit the homepage and select the unit you wish to view. You will be taken to the Courses and Units page where your grade will display, if available.


Grades are also available in MyCentre. Visit the ‘My Study’ section, selecting ‘Manage My Course’ and then generate an unofficial transcript.

What do my grades mean?

If you receive your grades, only to find yourself confused about what they mean, our Grades Explained Information Sheet may help answer your questions. If you’re still unsure, contact your Unit Coordinator for clarification.


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Need a second opinion?

The Review of Grade procedures can be found at If you’re considering applying for a Review of Grade, it’s important to make yourself aware of the process and more importantly, the timelines. This information is all documented in the Review of Grade Fact Sheet.

If you need assistance with this process, our Student Advocacy Officers can be reached at

Where to from here?

Are you considering applying for an exit or interim award?

If so, you must apply to Please note that not all courses provide the option for interim and/or exit awards. Please check the CQUni Handbook to see if this option is relevant for your degree.

Are you eligible to graduate?

If you are scheduled to complete your course, you don’t need to notify us. This is an automatic process that is undertaken each term as part of the Graduation Evaluation Period. Term 1 evaluations will take place between Monday, 15 and Friday, 26 July.

The Term 1 2019 Certification of Grades is Friday, 12 July 2019. All students eligible to graduate will be contacted by email after the Graduation Evaluation Period

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