My CQUni Scholarship Journey

Every year students receive donor-funded scholarships to help them get to university and continue their studies. Below is Zac’s story. Zac received two scholarships in his time at CQUni – The Walter and Eliza Hall Scholarship in his first year, which helped him get set up for success, and a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship in his second year, which helped him move on campus and continue his studies.

My name is Zac Newland and I am a third-year Engineering student in Mackay.

Of my time at CQUniversity, I would have to say I found my second year the most difficult. I completed my first year via distance and moved on-campus for second year to continue my Mechatronics major.

This was a huge move for me as it was my first time living away from home. I walk with callipers and a walking frame and when not in those I use a wheelchair. Leaving my support and moving to a totally different environment where I had to take care of myself and continue with my studies was rather daunting. 

In addition to the usual things you do when you leave home, I also needed to find new supports who would be able to assist me with my braces and other challenges as they arose.

Living on campus at Canefield College, meeting new people and becoming independent was something that I found enjoyable. All of the first years were in the same boat as I was, and everyone looked out for each other. 

In 2019, I have been successful in being awarded a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship.  I am very grateful and proud to be the recipient of this award. 

My scholarship has allowed me to focus on successfully completing my subjects at uni this year, without the stress of having to worry about how I am going to pay for it.  

I will be forever grateful and proud of the generosity of my donors. Without them it would have been difficult to continue my studies. 

For all students studying at CQUni, I encourage you to apply for the scholarships that are generously donated to our university to help students achieve their educational goals. 

Scholarships are vital to allow students to study without the additional pressure of having to finance the whole of their university. 

CQUniversity – a registered charity – established CQUniCares because we care about our communities. CQUniCares addresses three key priority areas of need for studentscommunity and industry. We underwrite all administrative costs, meaning 100% of donations (which are tax-deductible) directly benefit your area of choice.

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