Your New Student Initiation

With all the confusion and excitement of new student life, we bet you haven’t even had the chance to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing, let alone how you go about achieving it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Welcome to your new student initiation – your checklist for the must-dos and must-sees to make you the very best CQUni student you can be.

1. Attend Orientation

No doubt right now you’re trying to get your head around what textbooks to buy, when and where your classes will be or how to use the computer systems, and all while contemplating the next few years of study that wait ahead. This is the very reason we host Orientation events  – to make sense of it all for you!

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And trust us, there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way – maybe even a party or two, a visit from some native wildlife and so many new friends to make! Plus, there’s free food and goody bags – every Uni student’s dream! Check your student email for the official invite and register for an event.

Don’t forget, we don’t just host on-campus Orientations – our interactive Online Orientation unit is designed to get you up to speed with everything you need to know.

Whether you plan to study online or on-campus, we recommend you attend an Orientation event and complete Orientation Online. Attending an Orientation event is compulsory for international students.

2. Join a club or society

There are a number of clubs, groups and societies here at CQUniversity. From the Agriculture Association, Gaming Club, Photo Group, Taekwondo and so much more, you’re bound to find something you love, and meet like-minded people! Check them all out on the CGS Directory of the Student Portal.

3. Order a wall planner

The 2019 Student Wall Planner is a glossy, A1-size calendar. Perfect for hanging in your study space, and great for keeping track of important dates and deadlines.

Thanks to a collaboration between Student Experience and the CQUni Bookshop, planners are free with CQUni Bookshop orders over $20, or alternatively, you can order the planner individually online and only pay a postage and handling fee of $4.95.

Get yours from the CQUni Bookshop today! Only while stocks last. No refunds can be given for the $4.95 postage and handling fee.


4. Follow us on social media

Never miss an opportunity to know more and do more for your studies, your career, and your student life. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Student News will connect you with important reminders and announcements, events and activities, employment and exchange opportunities, student support services, the latest student success stories, and much more.

5. Download a map

Nothing says ‘new student’ like walking in to the wrong classroom or standing in the middle of campus with a perplexed face. But, you can fool them all into thinking you know exactly what you’re doing by downloading a campus map and navigating your way around before start of term.

Sign up to your campus gym or find your go-to coffee spot along the way. Our student mentors even have you covered with their top tips for the hottest spots on-campus and online for CQUni students.

ROK Students SML

6. Get the app SafeZone

This is an important one. SafeZone is our free and easy-to-use mobile application which will communicate alerts during severe weather events, off-campus emergencies affecting CQUni staff and students and incidences which may trigger evacuation or lock-downs on campus. Along with this, the app will also allow you to request first aid, call for help or alert us to an unfolding emergency.

SafeZone is so important we even have a whole blog dedicated to telling you our top five reasons why you should download SafeZone today.

7. Bookmark the Essential Student Guide

We get it – you’re already feeling information overload and the term hasn’t even started yet! That’s exactly why we created the Essential Student Guide to break down all the important need-to-know information in a clear, concise format which you can easily find and refer to at any time.

From key contacts to terminology explanations, more student to-do checkpoints, fee and finance help and so much more – there’s a reason we call it ‘essential’.

Download the Essential Student Guide today!

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Congrats! You’re now officially initiated as a new student to CQUniversity – how easy was that?

Keep in contact and let us know how you go with ticking off items on your new student checklist, and be sure to read the Student Broadcast email every week!

Elle Mccosker (

Hi, I'm Elle! I am a proud CQUni Business and Prof Comm graduate and current member of the CQUni Student Communications team. After 3 years of coordinating major student milestones from orientation right through to graduation, I have a passion for creating memorable and valuable student experiences! I remember Uni life all too well - from the frequent procrastination, occasional meltdown and over-consumption of caffeine. I'm excited to show you not only how to survive the roller coaster we call University, but how to enjoy the ride!

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