Stacy Evans – Indigenous Scholarships Officer

Stacy Evans

I am a proud Darumbal and Australian South Sea Islander woman and CQUniversity Alumnus. I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts (Distinction) majoring in psychology.  Receiving my cultural sash on stage at my Graduation ceremony in Rockhampton will always be a highlight in my life.

I encourage all students to follow their dreams and obtain a qualification in their chosen field. At times, it will not be easy, but persevere and reach out for assistance when you need a helping hand. You and your family will be so proud of your accomplishments.

As the Indigenous Scholarships Officer, my role sits within the Indigenous Student Support team of the Student Life and Wellbeing Centre. I am based at the Rockhampton North campus and focus specifically on the needs of Indigenous students which can be at times, quite different to the needs of other students.  

I have worked at CQUniversity on various contracts dating back to 2007 and have enjoyed the diverse roles I have held. The wonderfully friendly and supportive staff, colleagues and students of the CQUniversity community make CQUni a great place to study and work.

Stacy Evans with her family at her CQUni Graduation. Stacy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction.

The new role was created to administer governance to the Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships application process. As an Indigenous staff member, I was elated to be appointed in the role as the Indigenous Scholarships Officer.

One of my first tasks was to speak with Indigenous staff members, Indigenous community members and Elders before drafting the policy to include the requirement of a Confirmation of Identity.  The Confirmation of Identity document is now required by students when applying for cash Scholarships/Bursaries.

As the Indigenous Scholarships Officer, I collate and ensure the secure recordkeeping of all Confirmation of Identity documents submitted.

Other aspects of the role include:

  • regular contact with students via telephone, email, SMS;
  • Providing guidance on the scholarship application process
  • identifying areas of financial need across all schools, creating Bursaries to address those needs and delivering funds to eligible students
  • being an integral part of the Indigenous Student Support team and wider University providing support and advice
  • regular communication with the Scholarships team and the teams within the Student Life and Wellbeing Centre to stay abreast with the support those teams are offering students
  • Collaborating with other staff from various teams working to support Indigenous students
  • Providing referrals to other support services where necessary and special consideration if appropriate

Future projects:

  • monthly newsletter to current Indigenous students with links to external scholarships, conferences and opportunities for Indigenous students
  • introducing projects that build stronger networks between alumni, current and prospect Indigenous students studying at CQUniversity (benefits of peer support and student retention)
  • building networks with Indigenous Student Support teams at other Universities, particularly in Queensland.

CQUniversity students can find out more about the Indigenous Student Support team on the Indigenous Support website or can speak directly with the Indigenous Student Support team by calling 07 4930 9250.

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