3 Reasons you need an alumni mentor (and how to get one)

Get advice, coaching and career preparation from the people who have been there before you. Did you know CQUni has an online mentoring tool which connects students and alumni (graduates) for one-on-one career conversations?

“I had a great interaction with my mentor – they were helpful, kind and willing to share the skills and experience to help me.”

– Student Mentee

So why do you need an alumni mentor?

1. To get insight into industry

Take the hassle out of networking, and speak directly to someone who is in your dream industry, role or company. You can ask them what you can do now to help your job search, tips on how to find a job, what it’s like to work in their profession and industry and more.

2. They’ve done the hard work for you

Alumni have been there and done that, and now they’re working in the industries and professions you will soon be stepping into. Late nights studying, juggling work and study, finding your first job, having a career or study crisis – CQUni graduates have been through it all. And who better to get advice from, than someone who has been there before you?

3. You’ll feel more confident speaking to industry professionals

Following their mentoring consultation, 72% of students felt confident or very confident to speak to industry professionals.

“Great knowledge on how you can break the ice on your dream career.”

– Student Mentee

So how do I get a mentor?

We’ve covered the why of finding an alumni mentor, but what about the how? It’s simple:

  1. Sign up to CQUni Career Connection, where over 200 CQUni alumni mentors are waiting to connect. Because of our global footprint, mentoring sessions are held online – this means you can connect with a mentor no matter your (or their) location.
  2. Create your profile – it takes just a few minutes, and is even faster if you import information from your LinkedIn profile. The program will recommend mentors for you, based on the info in your profile.
  3. Search for potential mentors, or select the ones recommended to you. You can search by company name, course name, industry and more.
  4. Send a request to your desired mentor or mentor/s. You can choose between three different types of mentoring conversations:
    • Career conversations – chat directly to someone who has been there and done that.
    • Resume critique – have industry insiders give feedback about your resume and/or cover letter.
    • Mock interview – practice for your big interview with graduates who can help you land the job.
Colleen Dunne (https://cqunilife.com)

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