From Nepal to Sydney – my persistence, journey and advice

I’m not sure what my expectations of Australia were when I first arrived, but one thing I know for sure was that I was ready to do anything to survive and make my way through to the other side.

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I was raised in a small town of Nepal called Hetauda. It was only after finishing high school that I got to go to the capital city to pursue my degree for civil engineering. With some hard work and luck, I was able to study on a scholarship to become a certified Civil Engineer. For the first time, I felt independent, as I was able to study by myself.

It was during this tenure in the capital city where I realised the difference between being in a small city and a big one. The exposure that I got, the knowledge that was available to me just through being in a big city.

This was the catalyst that made me realise I needed to get out of my small but beautiful country to have more opportunities and exposure.

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It was a feeling of being scared and excited at the same time – to go to a completely new country and start over from scratch.

I love the Australian culture, it seems like the culture I was always meant to be in. Or maybe it is just me that I adapt to the surroundings easily, but the differences in culture have not affected me much. It is completely different from my home country of Nepal, but there is so much to learn and take back.

My journey began at CQUni Australia. The first few months were tough; I had to travel quite a bit for work so that I could buy my groceries for that week. I did all sorts of cleaning jobs, kitchen hand jobs and labour jobs back then. But I always had this urge to do more, to be more.

During the end of my first term at uni, the vacancy for the Social Innovation Change Champion Ambassador opened up and I did everything I could to get this job.

I talked to people I had never met, sent them emails and texts just to get more info and finally, I was selected from over 3000 students from the university. That was one of the happiest and proudest moments for me here in Australia.

I not only work in this role but also have been one of the most active students on my campus. This role allows me to hone my skills, which will be beneficial for me when I pursue my career.

I know that just having a degree from the university would not be enough to compete in the future market – and the university is very supportive in this case. The university provides us with different opportunities to interact, grow our networks and learn, and I have been trying to grab whatever I can. I’m an average student academically but I do feel that now I am building up a good resume.

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Studying at CQUni is one of the best decisions I have made in my life because it has provided me with so many opportunities.

Being a Change Champion Ambassador is one of the greatest achievements I have had being here. Similarly being able to live in this city on my own and managing everything, I think that’s a great achievement.

It’s because of studying at CQUni that I have visited Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles and San Diego, plus the endless opportunities I receive here in Sydney. The very motto of the university “Be what you want to be”, I believe in it and that is what this university has provided me with.

My study hacks: be smart. Provide the tutors with what they are looking for. Have a look at marking rubric every time. The main content is 60% of the total marks, the rest can be gained through other small things. So work on those to gain better marks.

I participate in most of the CQUni events and activities including those with the CLC, Career team and International Café Welcome. We have even opened a Social Innovation Club for students to participate in, and I’m working to help students have a futsal club and a music club.

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I like to make my day as productive as possible. There was a time in my life where I did not have much work to do so I used to write the things that I did every day to convince myself that I didn’t waste my time that day. I barely have spare time but I do make times to meet my friends, to travel, to explore and to vlog.

I make daily vlogs and travel movies. I also have interests in photography. I don’t have a camera so I do everything on my mobile phone. This is one of the lessons of life that I would like to share with everyone: if you have a passion for something, resources are secondary factors, you will always find a way to do what you love to do.

Sometimes I notice that even after all these opportunities are available to you, students do not grab them.

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My advice – if you are here to just earn money then you are in the wrong place. But, if you are here to have an experience and to gain the exposure, to explore and to build a better future, you are in the right place. There are plenty of opportunities out there, it’s upon you to grab what you can.

Sydney food favourites:

Darling Pizzeria in Pyrmont

711 is the place for the coffee.

Maloneys and Star bar is good to have a beer.

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