#AskaMentor – How to tackle your first few weeks

Congrats! You’ve officially survived your first two weeks at University.

While we’re sure you are elated to have made it this far, you’re probably starting to feel a little stressed and anxious as you look towards the upcoming term, map out your assessments and start to notice those deadlines already approaching much quicker than you would like.


Tackling your first weeks at Uni can be daunting, and no one knows that better than our Student Mentors, who have been there and done that all before. Check out their best tips for making it through unscathed…

Know your way around Moodle

You’ll use Moodle pretty much every day, for every unit you study. So it’s probably pretty important you know what you’re doing with it, right?


Take the time to review Moodle and make sure you’re comfortable navigating the system. If you’ve got questions, ask them now rather than leaving it to the day before an assignment is due.

Your Moodle dashboard has a fantastic resource called Moodle Help for Students which provides you with all the necessary info and support you need to help use your online units. Still need help? Our TaSAC team and our Academic Learning Centre team are on-hand to assist.

Plan ahead

There’s no better feeling than being organised. Take the time to map out your study plan now, or you’ll regret it later down the track. As our student mentor Bel says, use your first week experience to plan the remainder of your Term.

Surely by now, you can recite your unit profiles word by word, no? These unit profiles will be your best friend as you map out your study plan for the Term. They let you know where you need to be, what you need to do and when you need to do it by.


Student mentor Anita says also using a calendar or planner can help set you up for success – it is something you can easily keep track of, and you’ll feel really accomplished as you start to cross off goals as you complete them.

Bonus tip: 2019 Wall Planners are FREE with any order over $20 from the CQUni Bookshop.

But make sure you include the fun stuff in your plan too. No one can study 24/7 and making sure to schedule time in for your social life won’t just keep you organised, it will also give you something to look forward to and keep you motivated.


And of course, join a mentor group

Mentors like Marsha want you to connect with them on the First Year Hangout & Mentor Support Moodle page. Mentors can help you through the systems, answer any questions you have about University life, and keep you motivated.

Take a look and see if there’s a Mentor from your course or your campus – they’re waiting to help you.


That’s it for this week… we’ll let you go and work on those study plans. Don’t forget to schedule in time to check back in to the CQUniLife blog for more tips and tricks in our #AskAMentor blog series. 

Ashleigh Truscott (https://cqunilife.com)

I am a CQUni alumnus, who graduated back in 2010. Straight after graduating, I took a job in media, and later returned to CQUni working full-time as Student Communications Assistant. I remember all too well the panic fuelled ‘all-nighters’, getting lost on campus, confusion over systems, and the general feeling of being unsure. I'm excited to share my experiences and provide some insights into university life.

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  1. Hi Ashleigh my ask a mentor because I am being denied access to Ucroo. Is there another way because I could really do with a mentor. I am ernolled in the reentry to nursing program. Thanks. Jenny

  2. Hi Ashleigh,
    I tried to access Ucroo but I was Denied. I am studying one single unit of BMSC13010 Pharmacology, is there anyway I can get help from a mentor, because I really need it.
    Thank you so much for your help.

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