Social Innovation explained in iChange®

Are you confused by social innovation? Not sure what it’s all about?

CQUni’s Office of Social Innovation invites all students to complete their orientation program known as iChange®*. The program will inspire you with stories of transformative social change, and equip you with tools, networks and creative ideas to drive innovation in your community and your career.

To explain the features and benefits of iChange®, we’ve asked our Rockhampton based Change Champ Monica (pictured) to tell us about her own iChange® experience, and why she’s so passionate about social innovation.

What did you learn from the iChange® program?

“iChange® Was rolled out at the perfect time for me as I had just changed my specialisation to Social Innovation in the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication course. iChange® was a great introduction and dived deep into some complex social issues. It helped me understand the definitions of megatrends and wicked problems and although they may seem difficult or even impossible to solve, there are small steps and changes we can make every day to begin finding solutions.”

What features did you like most about the program?

“When I first heard the term Social Innovation, I had no idea what it meant, but seeing real-life examples of it happening locally and globally, I realised it can be quite simple! The surveys at the end of each module were also really helpful and being able to go back and reread/rewatch examples to understand the answers better was a really good option to have. I like how the videos were put together in an interview setting hosted by students from different areas of study as they were asking all the questions that I was curious about from a student perspective.”

What was it like using the program and how long did it take?

iChange2“The program was super easy to navigate and ensured you didn’t try to move on to another concept without understanding the one you were stuck on. I also liked being able to work through the modules and watch the videos at my own pace. It took me about 1 hour in total to complete the program – basically one extra lecture for the term that helped give me a head start in my classes!”

Why do you think other students should undertake the program?

“No matter what course you are studying, the examples and concepts can be related to any area or discipline. Social Innovation often starts with making changes in your local community. iChange® makes you think more about the social issues that are present around you and how you can contribute to positive change.”

Do you think iChange® will have an influence on your future career?

“Definitely! Being a business student and already considering myself to be passionate about making a difference, I am so much more aware of how businesses can contribute to positive social change through their choices. Whether it be operating as a social enterprise or ensuring ethical practices are undertaken across the organisation, I will always be aware of looking out for these qualities in my future career.”

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