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An interview with Maree Godwin

In March 2015 after travelling 12 hours in a car, Maree Godwin reported debilitating back pain that left her bedridden for three days. Ms Godwin was initially referred to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (RBWH) and was diagnosed with an L4/5 intervertebral disc herniation in her lumbar spine. She was then referred back to Rockhampton on a conservative management plan. Unfortunately due to waiting lists, living in a rural area and being unable to travel due to pain in addition to financial reasons, Maree had limited treatment. As a result, she was referred to the CQUniversity Health Clinic for rehabilitation in August of 2016. I had the privilege of speaking with Maree about her experiences at the physiotherapy clinic to date and how this has helped change her life for the better.

K: Tell me about your story & how the clinic has helped you?

M: Basically, the disc in my back was pressing on my sciatic nerve, and I had really bad pain down my left leg. I waited 15 months for an appointment in Brisbane where I lost a lot of condition on the left side of my body, my hips had shifted to the right, and I had almost no balance. I was very sad and depressed which prevented me from doing a lot of things with my daughter. Overall, I just had a poor quality of life. Since coming here I have my balance & strength back, I’m such a happier person with a much better quality of life. From the very first session, I could see improvements which increased my confidence so much. I still experience occasional mild pain, but I’ve learnt to listen to my body and understand my pain.


K: Have you been comfortable seeing student Physiotherapists while attending the clinic?

M: Yes, you are all brilliant! I get to meet lots of different people and I understand that you all need to learn as well so I am very open to students.


K: What have you been able to achieve since seeing us at the clinic that you thought you may not have been able to achieve previously?

M: Being able to include myself in activities without the fear of reinjuring myself. I’m running most days which I could not do previously. Also, being able to complete daily tasks with my daughter like walking her to school and taking her to the park.

K: How has the clinic changed your life for the better?

M: My overall wellbeing, my confidence, fitness level, strength and balance. The clinic has helped me regain my life back and most importantly my self-esteem. I even had the strength and determination to quit smoking with everyone’s support!

Maree Godwin’s life has changed for the better is so many ways since attending the CQUniversity Health Clinic. This physiotherapy clinic offers many great programs & treatment interventions to change patient’s life for the better.


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Author Katie Glossop – 4th year physiotherapy student

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