Get your next step to university

Is your dream to get a university qualification?

But you’re worried you don’t have the ranking or prerequisites required? We are going to get all philosophical and say,’ there is more than one road to the same destination’. So don’t panic, the CQUniversity STEPS program can be that road to who you want to be.

STEPS is an enabling course to bridge the gap when transitioning into study. It’s perfect if it’s been a while since you’ve studied, looking to re-skill in a new qualification or you don’t meet the entry requirements for a course. So how does it work? We’ve answered your FAQ’s about STEPS.

How does it work?

STEPS is an enabling program designed for students to get prepared for university study before they start their undergraduate degree.

You will be assessed as to what course you what to study and see what areas you need help with. The program coordinators provide you an individualised study plan to help you reach your goals.

Where can STEPS be studied?

 STEPS is available either online or on campus at certain locations including; CQUniversity Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Gladstone, Mackay, Noosa, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville.

How much does it cost?

STEPS is FREE of tuition fees however there are costs associated with textbooks, stationery, photocopying and printing.

How long does it take to complete and when can I Start?

 STEPS takes between 6 months and 2 years to complete, with 1 year being average.

Completion time also depends on the results of your diagnostic entrance assessment, the time you have available for study, and the requirements of the undergraduate course you wish to study.

STEPS starts in either February (Term 1), July (Term 2) or November (Term 3).

How does it help and where will it get me?

STEPS will provide you with practical university skills including, for example how to understand writing for university and computer skills. Starting uni can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking, doing STEPS can also help in giving you the confidence to start studying with ease.

On successful completion of the STEPS course, you may be eligible for direct entry into their course of choice. (Quota based courses are excluded from direct entry)

To find out more about STEPS talk to the team at a CQUni Open Day or visit our website.

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