How CQUniversity’s global mobility program, CQUGlobal, can change your life

Had I known that studying abroad was possible when I was at university I would have jumped at the chance to do part of my course overseas.

Growing up my father was in the British army and we moved home and country every 2 years until I was 13. Immersing myself in another culture was a central part of my life during this time, and from aged 9 I would fly home solo to whichever European country we lived in during the school holidays. At University, I didn’t know that Exchange was an option so when I graduated and I realised I wasn’t ready to start my career like most of my friends, I decided to go to Paris to learn French instead.

By Samantha Ambridge, CQUni International Partnerships and Recruitment Executive

After 4 months in Paris, I still wasn’t ready to start a career so for the next 3 years I went travelling – I would go off backpacking for 4 months, usually on my own, and then return home for 9 months to earn enough money to set off somewhere different again. I went to Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, the Bahamas, the US and Germany. I did get a proper job for 5 years but then got itchy feet again so aged 30 I quit my job which I loved, and went backpacking around South East Asia followed by a year’s working holiday in Australia, and here I am with 40 countries under my belt. I still have the travelling bug and luckily in my current role within CQUGlobal, I get to travel and visit our Partner Universities overseas.

So why should you consider studying part of your course overseas?

Well, I could tell you that travel will open your eyes to the world and help you grow, but there are many other benefits. First and foremost is that employers are increasingly looking for staff that have experience of other cultures so it could help you get a job. Studying at another university could give you an opportunity to study subjects that CQUni does not offer meaning you can create your own bespoke degree program.

Studying abroad, whether the short term for a term/year can be a daunting experience. The CQUGlobal Outbound Program has a wide range of International study opportunities to suit every student:

  • Exchange to one of our Partner Universities or through the ISEP network (International Student Exchange program) – spend a term or 2 at another university while remaining enrolled at CQUni so no tuition fees to pay at the other university. Some of our Partner Universities have tuition fees of over USD$100k/year and you can study there for CQUni tuition fees only.
  • Study Abroad at another university with whom we don’t have an Exchange Agreement, taking a leave of absence from CQUni, but for full credit transfer – with this option you do pay tuition fees to your Host University.
  • School-led Study Tours where as part of your course you get the opportunity to spend 2-6 weeks studying or doing placements overseas after enrolling in a specific unit.
  • Partner University Summer & Winter Programs – several of our Partner Universities offer short-term Summer/Winter programs during their semester breaks. Examples include the International Summer Universities in Hessen, Germany – a 2 week academic program with language training & cultural activities included, or the Osaka Gakuin University Japanese Language & Culture program. Some of these programs are offered on an exchange basis (so not tuition fees to pay) and it is not compulsory to be approved for credit transfer for these external programs.

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CQUGlobal Approved Third Party Providers – CQUGlobal has vetted some Third Party Providers who offer short-term programs and work experience across the globe. These include CISaustralia, Unbound and AIM Overseas. Many of their programs can be approved for academic credit, and for some of them we have NCP funding or Scholarships for CQUni students.

For many of you, it will come down to whether you can afford to go overseas. For all programs where academic credit is earned, we can help you make sure that you continue to get Centrelink payment while you are overseas, and eligible students can also apply for OS-HELP loans through HECS. Many of the School-led tours also have New Colombo Plan or Endeavour funding of up to $3,000 per student, and many of our partner uni’s offer CQUni students a discount of their program fee.

For more info about any of CQUGlobal outbound programs and funding opportunities, please contact

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