Why volunteering is amazing

Volunteering is defined as ‘time is willingly given for the common good and without financial gain’ (Volunteering Australia, 2015). You as a student might be wondering what benefits there are in volunteering. Well, you are at a right place to get an answer to that question!

For students, there are so many benefits as a volunteer.

Giving back and helping others

Most volunteering opportunities are for a good cause. As a student volunteer, you can help disadvantaged people. Giving back by volunteering creates a great impact on the nation’s economy and can help the University achieve its social innovation goals.

Developing integral skills, gaining work experience and building an awesome resume

Volunteering gives you many unique opportunities to hone your skills and build a good resume. Many organisations value people who give their time and skills and stand out from the crowd. There’s a wealth of experience to be gained from volunteering. Leadership, teamwork, positive work attitude…the list goes on.

Networking and making friends

By volunteering you make endless networks and befriend like-minded people. According to a research 74% of students who volunteered experienced a greater sense of friendship and working together towards a common selfless goal which helped them make strong bonds.

So what kind of volunteering opportunities are available?

Get more information for the volunteering opportunities.

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