How my CQUni study made me leave my comfort zone

Just over three years ago, I sat down at my desk job, unmotivated, searching for passion, searching for meaning, but most of all searching for change. I had only been in the field for 3 years, but I knew it wasn’t me, it wasn’t a journey that I really wanted to pursue. In two short weeks, I had jumped completely out of my comfort zone, resigned and applied for a Master of Teaching (Primary) course through CQUni. I felt relieved, I felt happy but most of all I was excited and enthusiastic to see where this new journey would take me.

At one point, reality did creep away from me and panic may have set in. I had resigned from a well-paying job, was living out of home, had a hefty car loan and a life that was completely supported by a corporate wage, not a wage of a full-time uni student. I knew I needed a university and a course that was flexible and had the option to study online. Luckily enough for me, CQUni was just that.Madeline Jones

I knew from the outset that teaching was a hands-on, interactive job. Whilst knowing every educational theory and acronym is important, I knew at the end of the day it came down to personality. Whilst researching suitable universities, one thing that stood out for me, was the intensive program CQUni had developed in terms of completing the job placements at schools. Within 8 weeks, I was in a classroom and experiencing teacher life. An experience, whilst challenging, further cemented my decision to become a teacher.

I genuinely love my job. The late nights planning, the lack of toilet breaks between 9am-3pm, the tears and tantrums are heavily outweighed by the sheer joy that I experience day in day out. My job is rewarding, it is intense, it can be overwhelming but the smiles, the letters, the pictures and the learning that I get to be a part of every day is incredible. I am an educator, a nurse, a mediator, an entertainer, a soccer player, a dragon (yes I have been called a dragon), a coach but most of all I am a role model and I get to play a small part in a lifelong learning journey for my students. I have been told that my students are lucky to have me as their teacher, my response is always the same, I am the lucky one.

Three years ago, I took the leap of faith and I haven’t looked back. My journey wasn’t easy, but with the support from CQUni, I can honestly say I made it and I have never been happier.

My name is Madeline and I completed a Master of Teaching (Primary) at CQUniversity in 2016.

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