CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Robin Dick

Office of Social Innovation Program Manager Robin Dick began working in the social innovation sector in his native Scotland, and brought his decades of experience to CQUni in 2016. Over the past six months, he’s designed and implemented the iChange social innovation orientation program for new students and staff, and has loved the opportunity to inspire the next generation of changemakers.

What is your favourite film or book of all time?
Collapse: How societies chose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond. The book gets you thinking deeply on so many levels, particularly environmental impact.

What was a recent highlight in your life?
The birth of my wee daughter, Kenzie.

If you could solve any social issue in your community, what would you tackle first?
There are so many to choose from, but from an Australian perspective: pokies. I would remove them entirely. They are so destructive to many individuals, families and communities. There is no justification for community/sports organisations to host these from a revenue perspective, as they create so many costly, ongoing social problems. I’d rather these organisations were challenged to come up with a community-friendly business model, which has constructive employment pathways.

How are you changing the world?
I’m working at CQUniversity in the Office of Social Innovation. We recently launched iChange, which does what is says on the tin. Give it a try!

What’s a film you’ll never get sick of watching, and why?
This is Spinal Tap. It’s very funny and reminds me of my student days, sharing a flat with friends. We watched this film weekly.

Who was your childhood hero and why?
British singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole. He got me through years 7-18.

Tell us something your colleagues don’t know about you?
I used to work as a roadie in Germany.

What’s the best innovation you’ve worked on?
Other than iChange… Just Another Disability: making design dementia friendly. This was an innovative, live community project that was part of Glasgow, UK City of Architecture and Design 1999. Using collaborative practice, human-centred design, and co-design approaches, the team came up with a number of innovative social housing, care home, hospital and interior designs to prolong community independence for people with dementia and their carer. It was a life and career changing project for all involved and inspired health practitioners, architects and designers internationally.

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