Get Social with the #CQUniBucketList

Recently, we introduced you to the #CQUniBucketList – 60 things to do before you graduate. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.

The list is designed to help you get the most out of your Uni experience. But as I know Uni students are often strapped for time, I’m here to break down the Bucket List for you into manageable steps – starting with a subject which interests 99.9% of us – social media.

Getting social on the web is an integral ritual in the lives of most University students – in fact I’m going to come right out and say it’s probably one of the top reasons for procrastination from study. Am I right, or am I right?

But when social media is used correctly and productively it can be an incredible tool in helping us connect with peers, take advantage of job opportunities, share our lives with those who matter and strengthen and develop our skills.

So let’s get down to how you can use social media to make the most of your time at Uni (productively of course)…

#17 Remove yourself from social media for a day

I’m going to start with one that contradicts pretty much everything I just said, but it’s an important one and let me tell you why. For those of us who are permanently attached to our phone (seriously do you remember the last time you actually put it down or didn’t have it right beside you?), it’s important we strive to achieve balance in our life – particularly when we’re juggling so many responsibilities as a student. And yes, that does mean stepping AWAY from that iPhone occasionally and replacing it with a textbook (stay with me here).

Over a year ago, I decided to challenge myself to delete Facebook and see how long I would last. I’m proud to say not only did I succeed in my challenge, but to this day I still don’t have a Facebook account… but hey maybe that’s because my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn profiles keep me plenty busy enough (don’t judge me, it was a start okay!).

What I did notice from my break up with Facebook was that I started to use my time more productively and effectively. Yes, I still have all my other socials but removing one from my life was a great step in managing balance in my life, and learning to prioritise my time better, as opposed to sitting on the couch mindlessly scrolling.

Try it out for just one day – you’ll be surprised how much spare time you never knew you had!

But make sure you come back to our social channels, because you’re going to need at least one of them to complete the #CQUniBucketList!

#26 Follow CQUni on Facebook and Instagram

Follow CQUni on Facebook (CQUniversity Students and CQUniversity Australia) and Instagram (@cquniversity). With a combined following of over 100,000, you’d be crazy not to be one of them 😉

But really, one of CQUniversity’s core values is engagement, and our social platforms are one of the great ways we can connect with you and share all the amazing things our CQUni communities are doing across the country.

Across our social media platforms, we give you all the information you need as a student like reminding you of key dates and sharing tips for study, while also having some fun along the way. And by fun, I mean really funny memes and tell me who doesn’t like a good meme?

#33 Join the CQUni Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, and follow us on Twitter!

Did someone say a network of like-minded people who have all the info on the latest job opportunities? Sign me up now please!

Not to forget, these socials will keep you connected with your ‘alma mater’ beyond graduation!

#38 Join the official CQUni Facebook Group for your location and post a photo of your #CQUniBucketList adventure

What could be more rewarding than joining forces with your locals to make everyone’s experience at University the very best it can be?!

From the CQUniversity Australia page, you’ll find the official Facebook groups for a location near you. These groups are fantastic for finding local study buddies, sharing things happening in your local CQUni community and of course for boasting about how many #CQUniBucketList items you’ve ticked off.

# 41 – Write a post for the CQUniversity Australia blog, CQUniLife.

Got a creative flair for writing, or just a story you’d really like to tell?

We love to hear about the unique lives of each of our CQUni students and sharing each other’s experiences can help us to feel connected, so whether you’re an international student comparing your life in your home country to your new adopted country Australia, or you’re an online student sharing tips for how to stay connected, or you want to share your career aspirations and experience at University thus far with the world – we want to hear from you!

Not to mention you’ll be able to boast with pride that you’re now #blogfamous.

Contact to share your story!

Now that I’ve broken down the social components of the #CQUniBucketList, what are you waiting for? Download the CQUni Bucket List today, tick these items off and make sure to share your success on your socials.

Until next time, stay social friends.

Elle Mccosker (

Hi, I'm Elle! I am a proud CQUni Business and Prof Comm graduate and current member of the CQUni Student Communications team. After 3 years of coordinating major student milestones from orientation right through to graduation, I have a passion for creating memorable and valuable student experiences! I remember Uni life all too well - from the frequent procrastination, occasional meltdown and over-consumption of caffeine. I'm excited to show you not only how to survive the roller coaster we call University, but how to enjoy the ride!

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