What happens after hours at CQUni?

Aside from the festivities at the Birdcage Bar on the Rockhampton North campus, some of you may be wondering… what happens after hours at CQUni?

You may not make it to a local campus to speak to us before we close our doors of an afternoon, or may have family or work commitments which prevent you from calling during business hours. So once you see the closed sign or hear the message “we’ll be back next week”, and you need urgent assessment help, anxiety can start to set in.

But don’t despair! While our Academic Learning Centre is available during business hours, the Studiosity service is available after hours for undergraduate, postgraduate and TAFE students. Here are our reasons why you should check it out.

24/7 Academic Support

Adding to the range of services, workshops and practical help offered by our Academic Learning Centre (ALC), Studiosity is an after-hours online academic support service.

While we don’t expect tutors to be sitting in the Birdcage bar providing feedback – although let’s face it, it would be very ‘honest feedback’ – they’ll be working away on Sundays to Fridays, from 5 pm to midnight, responding to your requests for academic support and covering things like general academic literacy, numeracy, and core concepts.


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Chat online

Yep, you read that right. Chat. Online. Another cool feature of Studiosity. All from the comfort of wherever you may be, you can connect after-hours and in real-time with expert tutors, waiting online to help you get ‘unstuck’.

Expert specialist tutors will be available to chat about subjects like Essay Writing, Study Skills, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Statistics, Micro/Macroeconomics and more.


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Assessment drop off

Assessment drop off is kind of like school drop-off and pick-up with the kids – minus the hustle of a school run (and the lollipop lady). You can choose to electronically ‘drop off’ a file 24/7 and collect constructive general academic literacy feedback within 24-48 hours on your assessment piece’s structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing.

The Studiosity drop off feature can be found under the Support block within your Moodle unit.


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We’re still here

Even though we’re offering after-hours support through Studiosity, academic support is still very much available during business hours. The Academic Learning Centre staff are ready and waiting to take your appointment either on-campus, by phone or online via video-conference. They’re open from 8 am – 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays, and you can make an appointment online here.


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It even has its own mobile app!

The benefits just keep coming. Studiosity has just rolled out a brand new mobile app to make it easier for you to get organised.

You can get it here if you’re on iOS, or here if you’re on android

After you’ve downloaded it, log into your Studiosity account to get your unique pin code. Enter the pin code into the app and you’re good to go!

So what’s new? You can now…

  • Save a question for later
  • Snap and upload a photo of a question straight from your phone
  • Get notifications and review your Writing Feedback
  • Use voice-to-text
  • Review past sessions


So, there you have it. Studiosity is the after-hours academic support service that can be found under the Support block in your Moodle unit, and the ALC is your go-to for resources, workshops, and support during business hours. Basically a dream team!


Check out the ALC’s page on our website for resources and contact options www.cqu.edu.au/alc.

Aleysha Morgan (https://cqunilife.com)

As a graduated VET student, former CQUni degree student and an experienced CQUni Student Adviser, I understand the common pain points faced with study. As a current Student Communications team member, I’m excited to be here to provide my tips and tricks on #CQUniLife.

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