S is for Super (and Service)

Tasac.cqu.edu.au was so 2017.

From February 7, 2018 CQUniversity will have a brand new Service Management system. which we’re calling ‘SDesk’. That’s sdesk.cqu.edu.au. It will manage all IT and library Service Requests and Issues, replacing existing online TaSAC systems.

Keep reading to find out what SDesk means for you…

What is SDesk?

SDesk will be IaTD’s new online service desk system. This replaces the existing online TaSAC system and will be used to manage all IT and Library Service Requests and Incidents. SDesk will make your self-service experience smoother, so you can submit, track and manage your requests easily.

What’s changing?

  • A new service desk system is coming – changing from tasac.cqu.edu.au to sdesk.cqu.edu.au on 7th February.
  • No changes to the TaSAC  team (you can still contact us on our usual channels and by the usual methods), it is only the system that is changing.
  • Improved self-service portal for tracking, submitting and managing your requests.
  • Self-help FAQs will also be available on the student portal and self-service portal.

 Why are we making the change?

By moving to SDesk, this will not only allow IaTD to make future enhancements of our service channels and support, but will also provide you with a smoother self-service experience.

But how will we contact TASAC?

Even though we’re changing the service management name, your helpful TaSAC team will stay the same, as will how to contact them, by phone or email.

What do I need to do?

If you have a case that’s still open, when we move to sdesk.cqu.edu.au we’ll migrate it for you.

So all you have to do is remember what our new Super Service Desk is called. Welcome to sdesk.cqu.edu.au.

Happy Desking!

Self-help information, guides and FAQs will be available to help familiarise you with our upcoming new system, and we’ll be posting these on the student portal, so stay tuned…

For more information, or if you have any concerns, please contact TaSAC at tasac@cqu.edu.au or on 1300 666 620.


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