We are committed to providing you with as much help as possible to ensure you get the most from your learning experience here at CQUni.

With that in mind, we’ve got something very important we’d like to introduce you to…

Say hello to our new Automated Chatbot Service!


As a student, we know you probably have a lot of questions, and sometimes it might be hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s why, we’ve added a new service to the Student Portal to provide you with real-time assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an automated Chabot service.

What is it exactly?

Chatbot is a real-time chat service which is easy to use, provides topic-based selections and can even send us a question when it can’t find the answer you were looking for, so we can follow up and assist you further.

How do you find it?

You can find the Chatbot service in the bottom right hand corner of the Student Portal homepage. If you are on the homepage for a while, Chatbot will automatically open to see if you need assistance. Alternatively, you can click the icon to initiate the service.


Once initiated, Chatbot will present you with a series of topics your question may relate to. Clicking on a topic will then start providing information, and a further series of topic-based selections


If you know what you are looking for, you can enter the question (or just keywords) in the box marked ‘Type Your Question Here…’

Like us, ChatBot doesn’t know everything…

While Chatbot has been primed with over 750 question and answer sets, there may be questions it does not yet have an answer for.

In these cases, you will see the following message:


Click on the Contact us link and you will see:


There is no need to enter details such as your student number, phone number or email address – just enter your question and press send. We will then follow up with you to help resolve your enquiry.

You can initiate this process at any time by selecting the Contact Us link from the bottom of the Chatbot window.


It’s pretty clever, but you can make it smarter

The Chatbot learns from questions it is asked to better tailor its service delivery and ensure it is getting you the right answers.

Users can help “train” the bot by selecting one of the icons that appear after each answer.


Thumbs up = Good answer
Thumbs down = Wasn’t what I was after

The Chatbot uses these responses to learn what answers work, and which ones don’t so it can help you find the best answers more easily in the future.

CQUni will continue working on Chatbot to ensure we deliver the best service we can to assist our students, and once the service is introduced we would love to hear your feedback.

Chat with Chatbot today! Now live on the Student Portal.

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Hi, I'm Elle! I am a proud CQUni Business and Prof Comm graduate and current member of the CQUni Student Communications team. After 3 years of coordinating major student milestones from orientation right through to graduation, I have a passion for creating memorable and valuable student experiences! I remember Uni life all too well - from the frequent procrastination, occasional meltdown and over-consumption of caffeine. I'm excited to show you not only how to survive the roller coaster we call University, but how to enjoy the ride!

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    1. Hi Titus,

      We’re so glad to hear you’re keen to use this fantastic tool! Chatbot isn’t powered by Google but rather inputted question and answer sets like our FAQ’s found at

      Chatbot is actually live now on the Student Portal, give it a try and let us know what you think!

      Kind regards,
      Elle (CQUni)

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