Let’s be Conscious Consumers

Hey, its Kat here your Brisbane Change champ from the office of Social Innovation. Over the next four months, I will be challenging you to think about how your actions can have an impact. November is going to make you uncomfortable about what and where you buy.

Becoming a conscious consumer is about making healthy choices for people and planet and taking time to #thinkaboutit.

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Campuses Across Australia – Melbourne, Mackay, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Sydney are hosting Conscious Consumerism stalls throughout November.

The purpose of each stall is to make you think about, how you as a consumer can contribute to Social Change. At each stall as a way to promote social enterprises and conscious consumerism, you can buy the Seven Women’s (a not-for-profit organisation in Nepal) products for a Christmas gift or personal “treat yourself” from the CQUni bookshops. Buying products from these stalls and bookshop can be your very first step to conscious consumerism, as these purchases would contribute to help out disadvantaged at-risk women in Nepalese communities.

(The time and locations of pop stalls could be found at the end of the blog).


There are many tips and tricks for each area that can be adopted in your day-to-day life as a step to conscious consumerism.

For example:


  • Buy your clothes from Social Businesses like:

Etiko – Founded in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Etiko is the pioneer of organic, eco-friendly and Fairtrade fashion clothing & footwear in Australia and the first Australian brand to win a human rights award.

  • Planning to have breakfast/lunch/dinner at a café/restaurant?

Melbourne is home to many Social Enterprises and Social Cafes and Restaurant, purchase your meals from these cafes and it can contribute back to society.

Few Names: Kinfolk, STREAT, Good 2 Go etc.


  • Biome is an ethical and sustainable store that promotes conscious consumerism HERE
  • The Brisbane city council just help a Recreate Brisbane festival to help promote recycling and the reuse of items check it out HERE


  • How about good toilet humour as a step to Conscious Consumerism?

Buy your toilet papers from ‘Who Gives a Crap?’ Social Enterprise and it will contribute to building Toilets and healthy sanitation across the world’s rural areas.

  • Use the ‘Good on You’ app, which will help you be a conscious consumer in terms of fashion shopping!

General Tips, no matter where you are!

  • Take a step to conscious consumerism by using Jute Bags, produce bags instead of plastic bags and contribute to conscious consumerism now.
  • Use Keep Cups for coffee or any other beverages instead of using paper or plastic cups.


Take the challenge and #thinkaboutit and become a conscious consumer.


Times and Location for Stall*

Melbourne: Level 2 Student Lounge, Level 1 – Every Wednesday and Thursday between 12-2PM

Mackay: Bookshop from 11AM Onwards Every Wednesday or Thursdays or Fridays

Rockhampton: Building 19, Library and Birdcage from 12PM onwards

Brisbane: Bookshop from 12PM onwards

Sydney: Bookshop from 12PM onwards.

*These are expected times and Location, they may be subject to change, please look out for stalls at your campus or inquire at your campus bookshop or e-mail us at a.panchal@cqu.edu.au for more information.


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