My Global Voice Experience

Part 1- Pre-Departure Briefing  

Hi, I’m Claire-Marie, Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security student at CQUni Townsville. So Tuesday 7th November I am flying out of Australia to Bonn, Germany to attend the UNFCCC Climate Talks Conference or COP23 for short. I am super keen and excited but nervous as expected. This fantastic opportunity is thanks to the sponsorship of CQUniversity through Global Voices. Global Voices is to me, a prestigious scholarship that connects young Australians to the world.

The opportunity is available to all students to apply and gain a once in a lifetime experience. The program delivers an unparalleled professional development experience for young Australian’s interested in foreign policy and international relations.  Even if you might not be interested in policy making or studying a discipline in that area, it is an opportunity to be exposed first hand to international relations and drive your passion for creating change.

Each semester CQUniversity sponsors selected conferences for students to attend, this year semester two program provided the opportunity to attend either the COP23 Climate Talks Conference or the CSW61 Commission on the Status of Women 2018.  This year’s delegates representing CQUni is me, Claire-Marie Pepper, studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security attending the COP23 and Rebekah Woodeson, studying Bachelor of Laws, attending the CSW61. 

As part of the program, you are also involved in a pre-departure briefing in Canberra, preparing for your international delegation.  As a delegate, you meet with senior policy-makers, Australia’s official representatives to international forums, and diplomats responsible for the drafting multilateral agreements.  As well as meeting Federal Members of Parliament and Senators with portfolios and areas of expertise related to your program.  It is an inspiring time walking around parliament house and meeting the leaders of our country.

Lastly, also in preparation and as a thank you for the fantastic opportunity, all delegates are required to prepare and write a policy paper. Your paper tends to focus on the conference’s agenda and is tailored towards your passion. Don’t worry it is not as scary as it may seem! You are provided with a lot of support and guidance. I will share mine with you once it is published. Yes! It does get published…pretty exciting as not only have you applied your knowledge to a paper but it also provides the opportunity for knowledge growth and understanding before attending the international conference.

Well, that is it from me for now. You can keep updated on my Global Voices journey by following the CQUni Instagram page, and in the next weeks, I will be posting more engaging blog posts about my adventures and experiences. Please look into the Global Voices opportunity as it is not one to be missed…. did I mention that most travel expenses are included in the scholarship?? Find more out here

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Claire-Marie Pepper

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