Diwali down under!

Diwali – The festival of lights!

One of the largest celebrated festivals in India,  signifies the victory of good over evil and light over darkness, it is the festival that represents unity in diversity as people from every cultural, religion, social background or geographical location unites together to celebrate the festival.

If summarized in a very brief manner in the context of Hindu Mythology, then it is the celebration of Lord Rama coming back from 14 years of exile in the forest after destroying one of the biggest evil Ravana (there’s much more to it read ‘Ramayana’ if you are interested in Indian Mythology).

Diwali is a five-day festival, with each day having its own celebration. The main activities in Diwali consist of thoroughly cleaning house, decorating house lawn and windows by placing small clay baked oil lamps near them, celebrating the festival by lighting up firecrackers at night and meeting and greeting friends and family with some delicious sweets.

I have been living in Melbourne for two years now, and I love how the Victorian state government organizes Diwali celebration on Fedsquare every year, with the greatest firework showdown it attracts people from every background to come and join the celebration of the festival. Sydney Celebrates Diwali too by lightning the Opera House in beautiful Orange, White and Green colours.

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Wishing you a Diwali full of celebrations and feasts, sweets and crackers, love and affection, may your home and heart be full of warmth and happiness,

Happy Diwali!

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