CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Jack Frame

Engineering alumnus Jack Frame built himself a future at CQUniversity. After gaining entry to the Engineering course via STEPS, Jack was a recipient of several scholarships throughout his study journey including the Equity Technology Scholarship, Sugar Research Institute Scholarship and the Equity Accommodation Scholarship. Jack is now a Junior Site Engineer for a telecommunications company in Toowoomba and believes the opportunities and support he received during his time at CQUniversity Mackay was the cornerstone of his success.

Are you a CQUniversity Alumni? If so, what did you graduate in?
I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with First Class Honours and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering).

What was the moment that made you choose your career?
When I finished high school, I moved to Mackay from the Sunshine Coast and I was working as a labourer building roof trusses but I knew then I wanted more from life.

What was a recent highlight in your life?
A recent highlight would be graduating – seeing my degree with my name on it was quite a feeling.

What is the best thing about CQUni?
The access to staff is great. Students are able to build relationships with staff and can go and talk to them at almost any time.

Who has made an impact on your life and why?
My mother and my grandparents. They have helped support me throughout my studies and without them I don’t believe I would have succeeded.

What did you like most about CQUni?
The Co-op Engineering Degree is great for work arrangements, offering 48 weeks of placement compared to the standard 12 at other universities. This extra placement looks great on a resume and really helps students see what they are getting themselves into. The placement was definitely my favourite part of university.

What is your favourite film or book of all time?
Scar Tissue, the autobiography of Red Hot Chilli Peppers front man, Anthony Kiedis.

What is a motto or phrase you live by?
Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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