Introducing Mimecast

CQUni currently blocks 208921 emails every day letting in just 45% on average.  Despite this, you may have noticed a rise in the number of phishing and spam emails still making their way to your inbox.

To remedy this, IaTD have rolled out a new cloud based email security service for CQUniversity email: Mimecast.

Mimecast brings the following security enhancements to your email:

  • All external links sent to your email address will first pass through Mimecast security checks to increase your protection against phishing scams.
  • Increased control over spam and public newsletters sent to your CQUniversity email.
  • Greater protection for your email account from malicious email attachments and links to phishing scams.

With this new service comes some changes to what you see when hovering over links, and managing spam.  A daily email at 2pm with a digest of all the spam and bulk messages that have been sent to you (if any). You will need to select any emails you want to release that are on hold from the left hand side menu

When you log into you’ll still have a summary available:

  • View/release/delete emails in your quarantine that have been marked as spam or bulk newsletters.
  • Edit your Blocked Senders list which contains emails address that are always be placed On Hold.
  • Edit your Permitted Senders list which contains email addresses that never get placed On Hold.
  • Edit your Auto Permitted list which are people you have emailed previous and are treated as known addresses you interact with.

It is important to note that, as always, the first defence against email attacks lies with you. If you are uncertain if a link or attachment is suspicious, contact TaSAC, and the team will work with you to ensure your email does not expose you to harmful sites, viruses, or ransomware.


Ashleigh Truscott (

I am a CQUni alumnus, who graduated back in 2010. Straight after graduating, I took a job in media, and later returned to CQUni working full-time as Student Communications Assistant. I remember all too well the panic fuelled ‘all-nighters’, getting lost on campus, confusion over systems, and the general feeling of being unsure. I'm excited to share my experiences and provide some insights into university life.

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