CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Kathryn Yost

New Change Champ and Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) student Kathryn Yost moved from Tasmania to Brisbane to start her CQUni journey with STEPS in 2015. Kathryn’s family is South African and her husband is Chinese. She believes good social innovation should take inspiration from a range of cultures to create more collaborative and sustainable communities.

What is your first memory?

My first memory is back in South Africa, where I was having a tomato fight with my brother and grandfather on our mini farm. I remember squishing them between my fingers and loving it.

What was a recent highlight of your life?

Realising that I have kept my fish alive for two and half years. It’s a mammoth achievement.

Who has made an impact on your life and why?

People impact my life every day! I see someone smile and it makes me smile. People help me to see and feel that I am not confined in this world and I am a part of bigger picture.

How are you changing the world?

One day at a time, I am being kinder to the people around me.

If you could change any social issue in your community, what would you tackle first?

If I could tackle the impossible to make it possible I would tackle the idea of self-reliance. Giving a man a fish will only feed him for a day, but teaching a man to fish, feeds a man for a lifetime.

What is a motto or phrase that you live by?

YOLO (You Only Live Once). I take every opportunity given to me and then I see what happens.

If you weren’t living in Brisbane, where would you be?

I would be back in Tasmania, living in a little spot of heaven, with my husband, fish, two dogs and I’d be tending to my vegetable and fruit garden. Or exploring the world with my husband and we would be living in a yurt in Mongolia, or a cave in Iceland or a villa in Tuscany.

Jamie Oliver is coming for dinner, what do you make for him?

My first thought was toast and Vegemite. It’s delicious and has he even had Vegemite?

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