Engage in sustainability now for a better future


Why Sustainability is important?

In Simple terms, our Global future depends on Sustainability. We consider a move to greater sustainability, in all aspects of life, critical to our future. We only have one earth. We must find ways to reduce our harmful impact on the environment.

We all rant about the fuel, water, food and energy price hikes, imagine the situation when you won’t even have these resources to purchase. For an instance, it is a known fact that fossil fuel is a limited resource, yet we continue its use and even increase its use day by day. Countries like China and India have cities which have way way too high percentages of air pollution, which are not even ideally suitable for breathing.


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What if there is no fresh water left at all?

How can I engage for sustainability?

Did you know? #CQUniversity – Communities of Practice (CoP) has a working group for sustainability called Engagement for Sustainability (EfS). The group’s aim is to build interest and capability for members (academic, professional staff and students) towards embedding sustainability and engaging in relevant actions.


Currently, EfS are leading by example and taking action with small projects at a time. The group has short and long-term goals that align with the University Sustainability Framework while improving the environment at each Campus.

One of 2017 goals includes the implementation of a community garden on the Mackay campus which is currently in the early stages of planning.

Each student/staff that joins this group can select an element which they can contribute in making sure that change is delivered. The nine elements are Teaching; Research; Waste; Energy; Water; Estate and Built Environment; Social and Community Engagement; Economic Growth; Biodiversity.

We Interviewed Anna Towan, a member of EfS, a lead for the ninth element biodiversity, and deputy chair of Student Representative Council.

unnamed.jpgAnna joined this group wanting to make a difference in caring for our natural environment, “…this is the sole reason why I decided to study the art major [Studying Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business] of Geography & Environmental studies, I want to understand nature in a better way with how it is managed.” says Anna.

She believes this is why we need to be stewards in caring for our natural environment, to protect its biodiversity. Together through education and action, we can all make an impact on the world we live, starting at our own university.

Anna chose element nine, biodiversity, comprising the variety of plants, animals and microbial life at a given location. This assists in achieving the protection and providing a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora at each campus. As well as conducting activities; tree planting and developing campus gardens to name a few that encourage both students and staff.

You can find out more and be involved – email Julie Bessell, Project Officer, Communities of Practice, Office of Learning and Teaching. For further information on the Community of Practice (CoP) groups, or to submit your request to join, email with the title of the CoP group in the Subject title:

Email: cops@cqu.edu.au

Phone: 07 4912 2714 (Ext 52714)






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