My triple Why’s

My name is Aimee Mason, and I’m currently studying the Master of Clinical Chiropractic at CQUniversity Sydney.

Often when I let people know that I study Chiropractic (affectionately known as ‘Chiro’), I either get a big high five or a very blank look.

With many contemplating life after high school or their next career move, I felt I would do my best to address the three crucial WHY’S:

  • WHY Chiropractic?
  • WHY CQUniversity?
  • WHY does it work for me?

Why Chiropractic?

I was fortunate enough to know from a very young age that I wanted to become a Chiropractor. Like most others, I did my research. I talked to my family, friends and industry professionals. Having seen Chiropractors my whole life, and having talked to so many people about it, I was confident that it was what I wanted to be doing.

Chiropractic is a wonderful way of helping people without the use of surgery or medication. It is based on scientific facts that the human body is self-regulating and self-healing, through the wonders of the nervous system.

As Chiropractors, we focus on the nervous system and its relationship with the entire body. We are trained to locate areas of stress in the body and use specialised adjusting techniques to promote self-healing and allow the body to function as optimally as possible.

Why CQUniversity?

CQUniversity is a fantastic university that has recently taken on a range of Chiropractic courses. The university offers a three-year Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and a two-year Master of Clinical Chiropractic that includes clinical placements and real-life experience within a supervised clinic.

The Chiropractic courses at CQUniversity have been developed in consultation with industry and aim to produce work-ready graduates. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of this course and benefited immensely from access to recorded lectures and online content – I can watch it at a time that suits or revisit if something isn’t quite making sense.

Why does it work for me?

I love studying Chiropractic at CQUniversity because it is a great course. With tremendously experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff, as well as flexible study options that allow me to continue to work and gain my degree at the same time, it works for me.

I also love the small class sizes, as it allows me to have more one-on-one time with teaching staff, and receive feedback for continual improvement.

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