Endless Possibilities in Agriculture

My name is Shallan Herrig and I am currently in my second year completing the Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUniversity Emerald.

During my first year of study in 2016, I completed an embedded Diploma in Agriculture through the Emerald Agricultural College. Before this, I also completed a Certificate III in Rural Operations where I found I wanted to continue my studies in the field of agriculture.

Fortunate to find a course that was exactly what I was looking for, I was able to stay local in Emerald and contribute to a rural area and community. I was also able to live at the Emerald Agricultural College whilst completing my studies at CQUniversity.

Studying in Emerald has provided me with the opportunity to make many friends and participate in community events and activities while benefiting from the broad range of practical experiences during my studies. This has assured me with a great social life while continuing to manage and balance my studies.

The best thing about the Bachelor of Agriculture is the broad variety of subjects that are covered, including cropping systems, livestock practices, agribusiness, irrigation management, up and coming agricultural technologies, plant biology and much more.

My future aspiration is to gain a job within the agricultural industry, focusing on environmental sustainability. I believe that through my studies with CQUniversity, this will be highly achievable.

If you’re contemplating a career in Agriculture, you should consider CQUniversity. The three-year Bachelor of Agriculture gives you the knowledge that can be applied to a variety of fields within the agricultural industry.

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