Making friends 101

When you are in a new city, you feel socially awkward. If you think this is strange, trust me, it’s not! Especially if you are introverted, making new friends seems quite intimidating.

Until you start getting about places and making new friends, one would feel that you are alone, even though you are surrounded by thousands of people. This blog is going to put a stop to that and give you the best tips on how to make friends in a new city.

Today, there are so many different websites that are focused on ‘making new friends’. is one such website, but why am I recommending this website? This online social networking portal has over 30 million members from hundreds of countries. It’s as simple as selecting the city you live in and requesting to join a group which is most suitable to you.

This will really help in meeting new people with similar interests!


  • Bars and pubs

Bars and Pubs are, I believe, a favourite. At first, it can be daunting to a certain extent. However, it really does stimulate one’s social life. A simple conversation at a bar will keep you going and before you know it, you have figured a common interest (such as hiking) and maybe, just maybe, taken an extra step and made a plan to put your shared interest into action!

Brisbane bar

  • Gym

The gym is an interesting place to expand your network. You not only make new friends but also, you take care of yourself. Chances are that you initiate a conversation with someone using the same equipment. This is because you have found a common ground in your gym goals and before you know it, you are getting a post-workout smoothie with your new friend!

Fitness class

  • Cultural events such as live music

Cultural events are a place, not only to meet old friends but also to make new ones. The love for music or even an instrument can definitely initiate a conversation. Staying under the same roof will certainly make you mingle with people who like the same music as you do. It starts with a simple “Hello”.

Live concert

  • Outside the classroom

This is a more personal approach to building one’s network. There is barely any time to talk to a friend when you are at a lecture. However, since you already have one thing common with someone in the same classroom as you, once you crack the ice, keeping that conversation going is a piece of cake.

I am sure one of the above got you excited and will most certainly suit you. Happy networking!!

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