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Have you heard about Student Advocacy? If not, our Student Advocacy Officer will be visiting our CQUniversity Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane campuses next week and would like to catch up with you.

If you’ve never heard of Student Advocacy before, here’s why you might want to make an appointment…

It’s free!

Student Advocacy is a free and confidential service available for all CQUni students across all courses, campuses and study modes.

So keep your dollars aside for other things, like textbooks.


Information on Policies and Procedures

Our Student Advocacy Officer can provide advice and assistance with such things as assignment extensions, Academic Misconduct, Review of Grade, Academic Appeals and Grievances.


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Advice on Academic Appeals and Misconduct

There may come a time where an academic appeal you submit, may be denied, but don’t loose focus. The Student Advocacy Officer can help you understand the reasons why and help to formulate a response to such emails.


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Follow the Student Advocacy page on UCROO for updates, or email if you want to make an appointment. Appointments are available face-to-face, over the phone or via email. 

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As a graduated VET student, former CQUni degree student and an experienced CQUni Student Adviser, I understand the common pain points faced with study. As a current Student Communications team member, I’m excited to be here to provide my tips and tricks on #CQUniLife.

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