The Dos and Don’ts of Mid-term break: Focus, speaking up and binge-watching

Maintaining your focus – it can be tough when you have new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy calling your name or ‘urgent’ text messages on your phone. I have it on good authority that the deafening silence of a quiet household once the kids have gone back to school is also a high-quality distraction.


As we head into the magical part of the term that we call ‘mid-term break’, it may come as a surprise to you that between weeks 5 and 6 there are no lectures or tutorials.

I’m here today to give you a few do’s and don’ts to help turn your mid-term break into a breakthrough, rather than a breakdown.

Do – Use the time wisely.

If you’re not up-to-date with lectures, study notes or even the start of your next assignment, mid-term break is the perfect time to get started.

Get yourself organised by putting all of your upcoming assignments, quizzes and exams on ONE sheet of paper, and then prioritise in order of difficulty. Even just the simple act of putting everything in one place can help you to see what’s important and what you need to spend some extra time on this week.


Do – Make Time to Relax 

While the mid-term break is your opportunity to get ahead and prepare for your upcoming exams and assignments, it is also a great chance to relax and recharge (trust me, you’ll need the energy to make it through end of term!)

Plan some breaks between your study sessions – whether it be going for a walk, playing with your dog or catching up with a friend for coffee. It’s important to look after you while you gear up to smash those assessments in the coming weeks!

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Don’t – be afraid to ask for help.

You are not the first person to struggle with assignment writing, a particular subject or even the continuous juggle that is study and life. Trust me on that one!

Trying to work things out for yourself can be exhausting, and usually you just end up going around in circles with a particular problem or tricky question.


A simple email to your lecturer/tutor could solve your problem. Ask for help – you won’t regret it. Chances are that someone else will want to know the answer as well…so you’re helping yourself AND your fellow classmates.

Don’t – be tempted to spend the week binge-watching TV.

Trust me, it will be SO much harder to start again once you stop!



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