Making Term 2 the best it can be with the ALC

Be honest; could Term 1 have been different?

Term 2 can be a fresh start and the opportunity to move on from Term 1 – particularly if things didn’t go as well as expected.

It’s been a few weeks since Grades were released so we’ve recovered from that now, right? Now is the perfect time to reflect.

Ask yourself some questions…

  • Did I procrastinate on starting assignments?
  • Did I fully participate in learning activities?
  • Could I have accessed help sooner with assessment tasks?

Although the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) can’t do anything about past events, we can definitely help you take control of your future studies.

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ALC Services are FREE and available to all students, particularly if you’re in your first year of study and still finding your way around, or if you’re from a non-English speaking background.

Now that we’ve finished reflecting, let’s look forward to what we can change this term (and it might be our perspective on break-taking!).

When you talk to the ALC, you can get help with:

Your fresh start is just around the corner, waiting for you. It’s not too late to see the ALC and take back your term!

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Discover more materials to make a fresh start on the ALC Moodle site (you’ll want to save this one in your bookmarks!).

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A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

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