Three reasons why you should think about Graduation now

Conferral date is just around the corner. A lucky bunch of students have finished their last units and are now eagerly awaiting the completion of their studies.

You might be one of this lucky group. Or perhaps you are just looking ahead with excitement. Either way, it’s never too early to start thinking about Graduation.

Here are three reasons why you should start now and not after Conferral Date…

#1 Graduation ceremonies are amazing

Our first reason is obvious. Getting this far has been hard work. You deserve to put on a show and celebrate this milestone. Celebrate, and then celebrate some more!


#2 You don’t want to miss out on a ceremony

This is a little more serious. We have thousands of graduates each term and many ceremonies across Australia to accommodate them all.

Once you’re flagged as eligible to graduate, MyCQU will allow you to Register for Graduation. From here, you can nominate to attend any ceremony, at any location, but you’ll probably have a preferred location in mind.

There are always guest limits at our ceremony venues. For this reason, we have registration closure dates. You need to move quickly to ensure you don’t miss out!


#3 Big decisions need to be made

What you wear, who you invite, travel, accommodation, after-parties. Get organised early so you’re free to relax and bask in the glory.

To check out upcoming ceremonies click here. Registration closure dates are available with this schedule and are non-negotiable.

The Register for Graduation option will become available to eligible students in MyCQU after Conferral date

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Mae Swarbrick is a current student, studying part-time in the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, and working full-time as Student Communications Officer. Mae's ongoing experience as a current student is invaluable in her role as leader of the Student Communications team. Combine this with practical experience in the call centre, Admissions and Student Communications teams, and she’s ready to share some first-rate uni hacks for new students. Follow Mae on #How2Uni.

4 thoughts on “Three reasons why you should think about Graduation now

  1. I’m very surprised and disappointed to see such a sexist photo/video being endorsed by CQU. I’m referring to the video under #2 You don’t want to miss out on a ceremony. Why is the male dressed looking like he is smart and ready for a high status, well paid position, whilst the female is dressed to sexualise her body? Is this how CQU see their graduating women?

    1. Hi Leah, I’m sorry if the GIF offended you. This is Talk-show host Jimmy Fallon with one of his celebrity guests, and not meant to be a reflection of our students. Kind regards, Mae

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