6 reasons I chose to study Master of Professional Accounting

When I was in school one of our teachers asked us “What do you want to become in the future?” Many answered a doctor, engineer, pilot, teacher or air hostess and so on. But I was different from those children, I said I wanted to work in a bank.

This aspiration led me to study commerce in my high school and  Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) as an undergraduate degree. But, BBA was a diverse scope and I wanted to focus on one area. I was in a dilemma which field to choose. Them I came across Master of Professional Accounting at CQUniversity. Following are some of the reasons I chose Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) as a post-graduate degree out of many options.

Subjects offered in MPA are more practical

I was pursuing BBA which offered theoretical knowledge about how to operate a business and I wanted to learn about the analytical and technical part in business and with my thorough research, I found out that units in MPA provided both analytical, technical skills and helped in professional development.

Great career opportunity

Not only banks but other organisations also require accountants and with the increase in new ventures, the demand for accountants is escalating both in Australia and other parts of the world so I thought it was a great a step towards the career ladder.


Wanted professional skills in accounting

I had basic knowledge about the basic accounting but I wanted professional skills in accounting and be able to compete in the competitive job market. Therefore, I thought Master of Professional Accounting is the best course to choose from.

Pay rate is high as an Accountant

The world is full of competition and one needs to consider pay rate while choosing a path to a career and accountants are paid a high salary.

Adopting the advancement of technology

The normal debit and credit have been replaced by new technology and I wanted something that would teach us how to be competitive in this technological world and as my answer to this question the MPA course provides hands-on knowledge about MYOB and Xero which are the famous accounting services in the world.

Internationally recognised degree

Travelling is one of my hobbies and I want to be able to get jobs even if I travel to other parts of the world and since MPA is an internationally recognised degree it will also help me get a job in the international arena.

I have completed two semesters of MPA degree at CQUniversity Australia and it has proven to deliver beyond my expectation. Looking at the demand for Accounting services I have no regrets for selecting this course. If you are in the dilemma of selecting which course to study as a postgraduate degree, my suggestion would be for you to consider the Master of Professional Accounting.

Urusha (https://cqunilife.com)

I am Urusha Kansakar and I am currently studying Master of Professional Accounting at Central Queensland University. I am new to this blogging world I hope the readers will like what I share.

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    The fact that MPA is designed for non-accounting degree holders, I wonder how hard or easy it is to get understand and pass the units.

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