How is life in Kathmandu versus in Melbourne?

Time flies! It’s been almost 8 months that I flew from Kathmandu my hometown to a beautiful paradise called Melbourne. So far life has been like a roller coaster with many bumps and highs. However, I am loving Melbourne although the life in Kathmandu and Melbourne is quite different.

In this blog, I will be sharing about the how my life was in Kathmandu and how my life is now in Melbourne.



Attending classes in the morning and going to friend’s and relatives house or my dad’s workplace was my daily weekdays routine when I was in Kathmandu. But after landing to Melbourne my daily routine has been to come to the university, going to part-time work, travelling to new places and always being in the run of a causal job hunt. I did not have to worry about balancing work and study life. I started working on my undergraduate study where I worked full time without having to think about the studies. But life in Melbourne is different as an international student I ought to work part time and study full time which is difficult but not that bad.

2.Friend circle:


Friends from different countries

While I was in Kathmandu I had friends from my country only and most of us shared culture and language. But after coming to Melbourne my friend circle has changed. My friend circle is a mixture of friends from Philippines, Malaysia, India, Australia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Australia and much more. So Melbourne has given be the opportunity to observe and get indulge in a new culture.

3. City:

I used to live in the Kathmandu valley which was surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills but after coming to Melbourne it is like a new planet to me. The cities are wider, the buildings are taller and the people are busier.

4.Mode of Transportation:

I had no problem with transportation while I was in Kathmandu apart from the time when there was a fuel shortage. I could ride my scooter and reach my destination but after I came to Melbourne it was difficult for me at first to get used to the public transport. In first few days I would forget my Myki card or I could forget to open the door of the train thinking that it would open automatically and there were even times when I used to fall asleep on the train and would miss my station.



Dal Baat Tarkari

‘Dal Baat Tarkari'( Rice, Lentils and curry vegetables) are staple foods for Nepalese and we consume it twice a day. It might sound like too much carbohydrate for a day but – Yes!

Nepalese love ‘daal baath tarkari’ for lunch and dinner and although we have many types of dishes to try from. But after coming to Melbourne my eating habits have changed, I usually eat cereals, fruits, fast foods and Mie Goreng(the famous noodle for international students).


If you have ever been to Melbourne and have not experienced four seasons in a single day then you should consider yourself lucky. In contrast, we had four seasons a year in Kathmandu and the summer is not too warm and winter was is that chilly.

Despite many differences living in Kathmandu and Melbourne both the cities has its own beauty and Kathmandu is the first home to me and Melbourne has become the second.

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Urusha (

I am Urusha Kansakar and I am currently studying Master of Professional Accounting at Central Queensland University. I am new to this blogging world I hope the readers will like what I share.

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  1. Nice post ! Good to know you like Melbourne as well. I have read online and have seen on travel channel about the Kathmandu City, Its pretty amazing. I am a foodie and like vegan most of the time.The food in the picture seems tempting!

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