Get the most from your Mentor

Student Mentors aim to guide, support and encourage you during your first year at university. If you’re a first year undergraduate or postgraduate student and you haven’t signed up for a Student Mentor yet, visit our How to find a Student Mentor article. Then come back for our tips to getting the most from your mentor.

Tip #1 Connect with a Mentor group on UCROO

Mentors are great at sharing experiences and helping you find what you need, when you need it. We’re available online so whether you’re studying on-campus or by distance it’s easy to connect. Find a Mentor group on UCROO and check-in throughout the term.

It’s normal to need some time to settle into studying at university. Visit UCROO each week to give your Mentor an update on how you’re progressing and hear from others in the group who may be facing similar challenges.

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Find one Mentor group on UCROO and connect with that Mentor and your fellow group members. Please don’t subscribe to multiple groups.

Tip #2 Ask Questions

Sometimes all you need to solve a problem is to know the right person to talk to. Student Mentors have made it through their first year, as well as training that enables them to help new students. Contact your Mentor on UCROO, either through the group or via a private message, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Mentors don’t provide help with assignments or advice on course or unit requirements but we can help you find that support!

Tip 3# Give Feedback

Remember your Mentor is human too. We thrive on knowing if our information and support is useful, and can provide much better service if we know what you need and how you’re travelling. Even if you don’t have a comment to contribute, please at least “like” a post to let us know you’re there.

To like a post, simply select the love heart above it:

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Tip #4 Grow your support network

In addition to all the other great benefits, a Student Mentor can become part of your support network – someone you can talk to who has experienced what you are experiencing. If you need to vent about juggling study and work, laugh about something unexpected, or find that extra bit of motivation to make it through an assignment, we’re here for you.

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UCROO has a mobile app and private messaging options to help you connect with your Mentor. Mentors are often happy to also hold meet-and-greet sessions on campus or online through a ZOOM meeting (Skype-type group meeting). These are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded students!

Visit UCROO and check-in with your Mentor today.

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