5 Reasons why I chose the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration

Nowadays, just having a bachelor degree may not be enough to enter the workforce, so it is a good idea to have more than that. Many companies are requiring more and more experience or equivalent from the future employees.


  • Reason 1: Experience

It is often difficult to go into a large established company without previous experience; in this case, university’s degrees will give you this equivalent experience.

  • Reason 2: Different subjects

Business Administration has a lot of different subjects during the course, after this, it is possible to choose which area you most identified yourself.


It was possible to choose between working for a large company, in an area that you like during the course, open your own company, since you will learn everything about companies and how to improve your own ideas, or even if you choose to be an investor. This course will also help you to understand better the shared market and how to choose companies to invest.

  • Reason 3: Heaps of opportunities

It is not news that business administration area has a lot of opportunities in basically every sector in a company, since the reception, organising meetings and delegating phone calls to a manager role that you will lead a group of employees.

  • Reason 4: The market will never stop growing

Especially now with this unbridled increasing of technology, companies have started to born from a simple idea and becoming huge companies that can change the world.


You can be the next one with one of those giant companies, together with the university and the teacher that will help you, or you can work for one of those prodigy companies, starting with the beginning with the company will allow you to grow with the company, with you get it later, no worries, your background in a university will help you.

  • Reason 5: Time

Sometimes a master degree can be considered too long, and if you are not sure if MBA is what you want, Graduate Diploma of Business Administration will definitely show you the right way you.


Finally, after thinking in all of that, I opted for Graduate Diploma of Business Administration in CQUniversity, now that I finished this course, I know that what I really want is to study in the Master of Marketing. 

Now why I choose CQUni is going to be a subject for a next blog.

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