4 Reasons You Should Be on UCROO This Term

Get ready, because Term 2 is nearly here!

Are you new to study this term? Or perhaps heading into your second term of uni, feeling confident about what’s to come.

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No matter how far along in your degree you are, it’s not too late to join UCROO, CQUni’s digital campus, in Term 2. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Get mentored.

Our Student Mentor program is based on UCROO, and is available to students in their first term of study. Your Student Mentor will help you navigate any tricky spots in the term: they can provide advice on how to deal with assessment and exams, ways to cope with stress and much more.

You’ll find the Student Mentors under the ‘Mentors’ tab in UCROO. Take a look and see if there’s a Mentor from your program or your campus – it won’t cost you anything, so what have you got to lose?

2. Get rid of your old textbooks OR get organised for the term ahead.

The UCROO Marketplace allows you to buy and sell secondhand textbooks – it’s the official CQUni site for secondhand books. Jump on to UCROO and see if the books you need for this term are on there, or just make a listing in the Marketplace to sell yours from last term.

Trust me, there’s at least a 90% chance that you probably won’t look at them again, no matter how much you say you will.

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3. Get in touch with your classmates through Subjects or Study Groups.

If you’ve already enrolled in your Units for Term 2, why not add them to UCROO and say hi to your future classmates? Head to the Subjects tab on UCROO (yes, Units are called Subjects in UCROO), click the blue ‘Add Subject Group’ button and then either type in the unit code (for example, COMM11007) or the unit name (for example, Media Writing).

Select the subject group from the drop-down, and then repeat that process for all your units and click Finish. Well done, you’re now at the top of the class.

Study groups are under the Study tab – there’s plenty of groups, sorted by geography, course, and more. I dare you to join at least one.

4. Find the student services you need to connect with.

Did you know that most of CQUni’s student services have a presence on UCROO? Under the Student Services tab (surprise, surprise) you’ll find pages for the Library, the Academic Learning Centre, the Student Representative Council, Student Advocacy and more.

Follow a few Student Services to stay in the loop about what’s happening on campus.

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So what are you waiting for – head to UCROO now!

If you’re not a huge fan of social media and think you might struggle to find your way around UCROO, we’ve developed a Student User Guide just for you.

Download or bookmark the Student User Guide here.

See you on UCROO!

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