Want a better Term 2? Here’s four ways the ALC can help

I know, it’s still officially University Vacation – but are you ready for Term 2?

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(Not ready just yet? Bookmark this article and come back next week!)

As we’re ramping up towards Term 2, here’s the thing you need to remember: planning and preparation is the key to academic success – and when you think academic success, think the Academic Learning Centre.

Work it out – nice and early

No matter which campus you’re on or which course you’re studying, the ALC can help you to get on track (nice and early) and stay on track (even past mid-term break!).

Here are four ways the ALC can help you in Term 2:

  1. Assignments – from academic assignment writing, to referencing, note taking and paraphrasing. Advice on assignment planning is also available.
  2. Computing – including Microsoft programs, HTML, MYOB and Javascript.
  3. Science – assistance with biology, chemistry, botany, and physics (if you have to tackle any of that for your Term 2 subjects), as well as teaching a ‘how to’ approach science study.
  4. Maths – help with refreshing or developing background knowledge in maths and statistics. Particularly helpful if you’re heading into an engineering course and need to brush up!

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Get support that works for you

The ALC is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information, advice and resources to assist you with many of the requirements of study. There’s no need to do it all yourself, and there’s more than one way to access the ALC.

  • On-campus and online workshops are held throughout each term (keep an eye on your student email for our newsletter with topics, dates and times)
  • Loads of self-help resources available on the ALC Moodlesite
  • One on one appointments (either in-person or online)
  • Term planners (a fantastic resource for getting organised)

We also have study groups for mature age learners, and specialised assistance if English is your second language.

If you want to start Term 2 with a plan to stay on top of your workload, you will need to get familiar with the ALC.

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Right now while you’re relaxed, fully caffeinated and not at all sleep-deprived, it might seem silly to prepare or to even think about preparing. But think of yourself in Week 10, and you’ll be glad you did.

Now that you want to, how do you contact the ALC?

Phone 07 4970 7211 or email alc-advice@cqu.edu.au.

You’ll also find the ALC on Moodle here.

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