My experience as a little movie star

As an International Student Ambassador at CQUni, I used to work for the International Marketing Directorate. Last December my manager asked me to write a concept for a marketing video which they could put on the CQUniversity website to promote the university and attract international students. I really liked the idea and I thought it would be a nice way to show interested students what it is like to be a student at CQUni. My task was not only to provide the story for the video but also to suggest a talented student I thought would suit.

Since I had a break during the summer semester I went overseas for travelling. One day I received an email from my manager telling me she would like to realise my idea. I was very happy about it and of course proud of myself.  However, the catch was that she wanted me as talent!

First I was not sure if I want to do it since I don’t like to see myself in videos and to hear my voice is even worse. I always think, is that really what I sound like? But of course I couldn’t say no. At the end I was very glad I did it since it was an amazing experience and heaps of fun.

I met other students during the shootings that I hadn’t met before and also saw places at CQUni that I hadn’t seen before. We did a shooting with a few students in one of the English class rooms that has an interactive whiteboard. It was pretty cool since I had not used these before.

20170412_102617 (1)

We also did some filming outside at Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building. Although I have been living in Melbourne since more than a year now I hadn’t been there. Well, I guess there is always a first time for everything 🙂

If you haven’t been there I can highly recommend it since it is a very nice place to go in your break and get away from uni stress.


What I also like to do in my brakes to relax my mind a bit is shopping and having lunch at one of the many cool cafes in the city. There is so many great choices in Australia’s cities, which is why we had to include this in the video as well.


At times I felt like a little movie star during shootings in the city since a big camera was always there to catch my attention 😀

People were watching me and the camera and some of them even wanted to be in the video too.

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