How to order a Student ID Card

A Student Identification (ID) Card is required in order to access CQUniversity campus facilities and to sit your formal examinations. It can also be used to access certain student benefits outside the University – but first you need to order one.

Here’s how…

Enrol online

Before you can order your Student ID Card, you need to enrol in at least one term via MyCentre. The card will reflect your study load at the time of printing, full-time or part-time depending on the number of units you enrol in. So be sure to finalise your enrolment for the upcoming term before you try to place and order.


Visit the MyCQU Student Portal 

Once enrolled in units, sign in to the MyCQU Student Portal using your student username and password.

From the ‘Manage your Course’ menu select ‘Student ID Card’ and complete the online form.

Picture rules

Your photo should be:

  • passport photo equivalent – head and shoulders, directly facing the camera
  • 120 pixels wide x 160 pixels high
  • A colour image in a JPG/JPEG format.


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You can nominate to either pick up your Student ID Card from your nearest CQUni campus, or have it posted to the address on your student record.

Processing time is usually between 3 and 5 working days.


This process can be followed if you’re a new student and also if your card has expired. If you lose or damage your card, please be aware that there is a $10 replacement fee. If it was stolen the fee will be waived upon receipt of the police incident documentation provided when you report your stolen property.

For detailed screenshots of this process and more information about obtaining a replacement card, check out our Student ID Card Instruction Sheet

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  1. I too have had no replies to recent emails regarding issues with ID card page. Please refer to my last email sent 26/01

  2. I have tried many times last year to get a student ID and I didn’t not get a reply. until now I don’t have one

    1. Hi Jasmine, you have to order your ID card through the Student Portal following the instruction sheet linked above.

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