Do you have the next Big Idea?

Do you want to join like-minded students to develop the next ‘Big Idea’, and become a CQUniversity changemaker?

Keep reading to find out more about The Big Idea competition, and how you can register…

The Big Idea is a social enterprise planning competition, inviting students to develop a concept and business plan for a social enterprise or a social business.

But the Big Idea is more than just a business planning competition.


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It’s an opportunity to further develop your empathetic understanding of disadvantage, and what steps you can take to create change.

Your entry could also win up to $1500 in CQUniversity seed funding to further develop, research and implement your idea. The winning entries will have the chance to work with social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts from across Australia’s business, industry and community sectors.

You may remember our 2014 winners from their pallet house entry titled, The Shelter Project. Here are the winning trio’s thoughts on why they entered, and reasons why you should enter the competition too.


If you want to get involved, register now. We’ll be in touch after registrations close on the 21 July to organise teams.

For more information, check out the campaign page on the Student Portal, or email us at  

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