CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Chloe Baulch

Chloe is a busy young woman. At 16 she enrolled in CQUni’s Start Uni Now (SUN) program with her heart set on studying a Bachelor of Business. Now she is pursuing that degree with a wealth of passion, juggling study with a full-time job at a radio station in Mackay. It was this boundless energy that helped earn her recognition in the form of a Vice-Chancellor’s Pathway Scholarship during the recent 2017 CQUniversity Student Awards presentation.

What was a recent highlight of your life?

A recent highlight of my life was being awarded the CQUniversity Vice Chancellor’s SUN scholarship. I still cannot believe it and am extremely grateful.

What was the moment that made you choose your career?

When I was in high school business was my favourite subject. I started CQUni’s Start University Now program to see what completing a Bachelor of Business would be like. I was 16 and attending lectures which was pretty daunting. The first subject I completed through SUN was Marketing Fundamentals. I fell in love with the course and decided I wanted a career in Marketing.

What is the best thing about being at CQUni?

The best thing about CQUni is the flexibility to be able to work and study. At the moment I am working at a radio station and can utilise what I learn at uni in my job.

Why should people study at CQUni?

CQUni provides so many opportunities! There is always something to be a part of and participate in.

Who has made a difference to your life and how?

My older sister has always made a difference to my life. She has always encouraged me and supported me in all aspects of my life. I am extremely thankful for her.

The weekend is free – what would you do?

Working full time and studying doesn’t give me many free weekends, but when I do have one I enjoy spending it with my sisters.

What is a motto or phrase that you live by?

Everything happens for a reason.

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