Mixing with the STARS!

Tom Cruise Mummy Sydney

One of the perks of being an international student is you get to meet different people. Sydney is considered as one of the most diversified cities in the world, where you have the opportunity to meet people from all different countries.

What if the people you meet are from HOLLYWOOD…A renowned celebrity and a movie star??!! What if it is TOM CRUISE? Yes, I mean the actor from Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Few Good Men and the latest reboot of Mummy.

It was last week I finished work around 4 pm and went home to play my Xbox. I got a call from my friend Sam who was screaming that Tom Cruise is coming for his new movie premiere “Mummy”. It was in State Theater which was 10 minutes from my home opposite the CQUniversity Sydney campus. I was so excited that I think the covered the distance in 2 minutes (just exaggerating may be a bit longer).

Finally, I was there and saw a huge crowd waiting to have a glimpse of Tom. The Sydney market street was full of traffic as the streets were full of security. The street was decorated with mummy posters, tombs, small pillars where fire and smoke were coming out constantly.

Tom Cruise Mummy Sydney

The host of the premiere was informing everyone in the street that Tom will be here in about 7 minutes and there was a huge roar in the crowd (mostly girls). Luckily I was in front of the barricade so that I could make the most of it. Finally, he was there wearing a sophisticated three piece black suit with his famous grin. He came forward to the barricade to take pictures with his fans. Fans made the most of him by taking autographs and selfies. Slowly my chance came to have a handshake with Tom Cruise. The moment felt surreal when he shook my hand and asked “How are you?”. His security helped me to take a close picture with him and I was out of the world by then.

Tom passed me by and then I saw Russell Crowe was just behind him. LUCKY ME!!! I did not miss my chance to take a selfie with Mr. Gladiator as well.

Russell Crowe Mummy Sydney

That night was the most memorable night for me in Sydney. I felt like I was on the red carpet of the premiere but the irony was I had no carpet under my feet. Like most others, I enjoy seeing people in front of me whom I mostly see in television. Stars are just like us and they too enjoy the company of their fans. Circumstances do not allow them to do the usual things that ordinary people do. I believe everyone is a star playing an important role in their own movies. Their movies are based on true stories and those stories are their life stories. The difference is those movies are not shown on televisions…

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